Must I believe Jesus is God in order to be saved from death in Hell?

Must I believe that Jesus Christ is Elohim, God, I AM, to be saved from the “second death” in Hell?

Salvation, an eternal New Covenant relationship with the Father resulting in forgiveness of sin and life in eternity, is attained by repentance (an acknowledgement of one’s sin and a sincere desire to turn away from a sinful lifestyle) and grace (unmerited favor unattainable through human effort – a divine gift) through faith-trust-belief with a sincere heart that Jesus Christ is Messiah who gave His life, shed His innocent blood, to pay your sin-debt for you, a sin-debt owed the Father that you could never pay yourself as you are a sinner in need of Jesus as your Intercessor (Romans 3; Romans 5:12; John 3; Romans 10:9-10).

The Deity of Jesus,

Though it is not initially essential that one believe Jesus Christ is Elohim, our Creator, I AM, God, to initiate covenant with the Father (Genesis 1; John 1; Hebrews 1; Colossians 1), it is a divine TRUTH that anyone who has entered into New Covenant relationship with the Father by faith in the Son, Jesus Christ; this man or woman, having received the indwelling Holy Spirit as Guarantor and Seal of that covenant relationship (Ephesians 1:13-14), will KNOW and understand the NECESSITY for the deity of Messiah Jesus (John 8:24); this, because the Holy Spirit teaches and clarifies the divine nature of the Son, Jesus Christ, and if one does not comprehend and acknowledge that Jesus is Elohim subsequent redemption, they do not possess the Holy Spirit and anyone absent the indwelling Holy Spirit is NOT in covenant with the Father and if one is not in covenant with the Father they remain in their sin and are steadfastly navigating the Path to Hell in that sin (John 8:24).

The Holy Spirit, Knowledge of Messiah’s Deity, differentiating the Christian from the World?

Your denial of what the Holy Spirit empathically, clearly, teaches is eternally relevant and eternally devastating. The knowledge and acknowledgment that Jesus Christ is Elohim, our Creator and Messiah (Genesis 1; John 1; Hebrews 1; Colossians 1) is the eternal differentiation between those who are truly redeemed by faith in Jesus Christ from those existing in the deception of a cult, a religion, a sect, atheism, secular humanism – the difference between life and death, eternally. Anyone who does not see and confidently acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Deity is not redeemed and therefore dying in their sin (John 8:24).

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