“Tongues” Today?

“Tongues” Today?

Tongues spoken in Acts were “languages” “dialects” that the anointed spoke and/or understood without having previously studied. This spiritual gift was given as evidence for unbelieving Jews of the Holy Spirit’s work in the “New Covenant” and the gift was also given to aid in proselytizing the known World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tongues today are a pagan manifestation, a mimicking, of the pagan priestess at the Temple of Delphi adjacent Corinth in the First-Century where the priestess sitting atop a throne in the Temple over a burning intoxicating substance would provide oracles and often times gibberish prophecy to awaiting patrons who often left more confused than when they entered seeking enlightenment. Obviously, this pagan tongue slithered its way into the Corinthian Church creating much consternation for Paul who ultimately mandated that women be quiet in Church services; evidently, some women in the Corinthian congregation were mimicking the absurdity of the pagan priestess and interrupting Church with gibberish, oracles of prophecy, that was mislabeled as a heavenly language, unknown tongue, prophecy.

Today’s Pentecostalism and other “Churches” of Charismata teach and perform this pagan ritual under the auspices of Biblical Tongues as demonstrated in Acts; some actually teach this pagan tongue to children and as a sign of one’s “Baptism in the Holy Spirit.” Some even go as far as teaching tongues as essential for one’s salvation. This pagan nonsense glorified in certain Churches creates an atmosphere of apostasy, works salvation, doubt, fear, confusion. These “Churches” are an embarrassment to the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God.

Anyone who advocates for “tongues” today should be required to answer this simple question: “If tongues are extant today, why must we methodically train our missionaries in the language of the culture they will proselytize with the Gospel?”

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