Unwarranted Jewish Pride, a Christian response (Matthew 15:24)…

Misplaced, unwarranted, Jewish-Israelite Pride, arrogance, emanating from Matthew 15:24,

Jewish pride and arrogance expressed: “How do you feel about the fact that Jesus Christ said He didn’t come for the gentiles and you know that you are one?” 🥺

Christian response,

Messiah came through the Tribe of Judah in order to fulfill Elohim’s promise to Abraham (Genesis 12:3b) and to complete that promise, Jesus came to the “lost sheep of Israel” (Matthew 15:24) to proselytize Jacob’s children in the New Covenant’s Gospel that would be ratified, established, in Messiah’s blood in fulfillment of Torah and specifically Leviticus 17:11 (Matthew 26:28); this was done as Jacob’s children were to be ambassadors of the “Great Commission” and through their missionary work throughout the World, every family would be blessed with the knowledge of Messiah (Matthew 28:16-20); unfortunately, Israel’s children rejected and blasphemed their Messiah; Israel’s children conspired with the Roman authorities to murder their Messiah upon a tree while exclaiming that Messiah’s blood be upon them and their children (Matthew 27:25); therefore, the Gospel of Grace was taken from Jacob’s children and given to the Gentiles until the fullness of the Gentiles have entered the Kingdom of Heaven (Romans 11:25); in fact, due to unbelief and hardness of heart, the Jewish curse, only a remnant of Israel will be saved from the second death in Hell (Isaiah 10:22; Romans 9:27; Romans 10); therefore, no descendant of Jacob has anything to boast about and no reason to proclaim self-righteousness through Torah or heritage.


If any Jew or Israelite desires life and Truth and peace with Yahweh, the Path to life remains available by faith in Yeshua as Messiah as there is no other Way for a Jew, Israelite, or Gentile, to be saved from death in Hell (Romans 5:1; John 14:6).

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