Democrat Party – Mental and Spiritual Illness, solutions?

The Spiritual and Psychological Illness of the Party of Atheism i.e. the Democrat-Progressive-Marxist Party of America…how, why, solutions?

The political divide in the United States is no longer one of policy differences but one of a spiritual chasm between good v. evil, Jesus v. Satan, life v. death, hope v. Hell. America is no longer a “two-party” system as one Party, the Democrat Party, has become completely demon possessed-influenced, ungovernable, unsustainable; this, complicated by destructive psychological illness mandating psychiatric and spiritual intervention.

Consider this…no sane human being, no person of sound mind, would advocate for the mutilation of babies in their mommy’s womb at any point of gestation as life begins at conception…commonsense and science testify to this truism.

No human being of sound mind would advocate and fight for the perversion of Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) and LGBTQ sexual perversion forced upon our children in public schools and advocate for gender confusion and the mutilation of children’s sex-organs in “gender reassignment.”

No person of sound mind would destroy their Nation in pursuit of the demonic agenda of “man-induced climate change”…a worldwide hoax initiated by cult-deceived globalists, naturalists, whose Marxist-Authoritarian intent is depopulation and complete tyrannical control over energy affecting almost every aspect of social life. Mankind does NOT control the weather as weather is cyclical and it “naturally” warms and cools in cycles.

No National leadership of sound mind would sell the economic and manufacturing soul of their Nation to the Communist Chinese.

No National leadership of sound mind would open their borders to drug cartels, sex-trafficking, terrorists, by the millions.

No leadership of sound mind would open the prisons, enact cashless bail, defund the police, prohibit personal protection.

No leadership of sound mind would declare war on God and those who honor God through Jesus Christ. No Political Party of sound spiritual mind boos God in open chambers and mocks, demonizes, labels, those who honor God in Jesus Christ.


The Democrat Party in the United States must be dismantled and reconstructed with the goal of implementing sustainable mores, norms, values, that edify and prosper the American people and our posterity or, as a last resort, the declaration of another civil war likened to that of 1860 where Democrats were forced to cease their destructive racism and violations of human rights through bloodshed on the battlefield.

Most importantly, America’s legislators must repeal the “Mental Health Act of 1963” which shuttered State-financed insane asylums through failed attempts at community-based psychiatric treatment facilities. If America’s insane asylums were reopened and properly managed, at least one-half of the constituency supporting the vile and perverse Democrat Party today would be permanently confined, labeled as mentally insane while at least one-third of the remaining constituency would require regular psychological intercession.

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