Free Will and Atheistic Spiritual Ignorance…

Concerning “free will” and the spiritual ignorance of atheism…

The spiritually dead Atheist declares that God is arbitrary and capricious; therefore, mankind’s destiny is fixed and unalterable; this, in a vain and futile attempt to justify their “chosen” path to death in Hell. What is the Truth?

Free will is the causation for our Creation in Time. Free will is essential in order that love and intimacy with our Creator manifest with purity and purpose. There is no pleasure or relationship or satisfaction in communion with robots but one must possess the ability to “choose” to love or to hate in order for relationship with intimacy to manifest with authenticity and purity and reciprocal satisfaction.

You are created in the spiritual image of your Creator (Genesis 1:26-28) and you have received certain divine communicable attributes gifted you by your Creator for His eschatological purposes; one of these divine attributes is free will with wisdom and discernment; otherwise, life and relationship would be an exercise in futility.

You are therefore free to choose Jesus Christ as your Lord believing that Jesus died for you and find eternal life in His Name through the forgiveness of sin (John 3) or you can reject Jesus and serve Satan by default and die in Hell…the “choice”…the “volition” is yours.

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