American Politics – Critical Mass – Life v. Death

American Politics has reached critical mass…the distinction between Republican v. Democrat is the distinction between life v. death, good v. evil, Jesus v. Satan.

The Democrat Party and those who support same have totally sold their soul to the Devil through unlimited abortion – murder of children in and out of the womb; sexual castration of children via gender reassignment; LGBTQ sexual perversion via Obergefell – same-sex perversion as a “marriage covenant;” the destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic via the infusion of Marxism subtly masked by the innocuous title “Progressivism.”

There is no doubt that every individual who supports the Democrat Party of the United States lives a life inundated by demonic persuasion…many are outright demonically possessed. My Lord commands that I love my enemy, I live in disobedience, daily, as I absolutely loathe anything and anyone who identifies as Democrat-Progressive-Marxist-Liberal-Socialist. At least fifty-percent of the United States now actively serves Satan as god (John 8:44)…this is tragic beyond words.

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