The Death of Americanism; Addiction of Diminishing Returns…

The Collapse of Americanism, the Addiction of Diminishing Returns, the Murder of God by Marxists-Atheists-Secular Humanists-Darwinist…

As “American citizen’s” practice their right to choose their representatives in November, 2022, in what was once a “representative republic,” the American electorate has never been so fractured along Party lines, never has hatred for the opposing political Party been so volatile and never has Americanism been so close to requiring life-support with an expectation of extinction.

The overwhelming secular population in America blames religious zealousness, right-wing fascism and conservatism, right-wing extremists – Christians, historical racism and the inequity of capitalism as reasoning for their hatred of Conservatives – Republicans – Christian values; on the other side of the Isle, that dwindling segment of American society who know Jesus Christ as Lord, Creator, Messiah, Judge, interpret America’s impending demise through a spiritual lens that diminishes Party affiliation differences as relevant and sees America’s demise from a theological, spiritual, Scriptural, perspective.

The United States of America, contrary to the NYT 1619 project and one-hundred years of lies, deception, from American Marxists-Humanists and Progressives and Socialists and Darwinists, was founded upon Biblical precepts, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and our Founder’s clearly understood that in order for their social experiment in creating a limited Government allowing for maximized freedom of the individual, the overwhelming majority of American citizens would have to possess a heart that is redeemed by faith in Jesus Christ and that heart guided, controlled, daily by the indwelling Holy Spirit in sanctification, righteousness and obedience to the Father’s will in all things; otherwise, the sinful nature of humanity, inherited from Adam (Romans 5:12), would prevail and unrestrained narcissism would inevitably lead to societal collapse via totalitarianism and anarchy; while, on the other hand, the Progressive-Socialist-Marxist-Democrat in American society naively believes that humanity is basically “good by nature” and if provided an environment that fulfills their needs, wants, desires, Maslow’s hierarchy with much empathy and equity, the overwhelming majority in a society where these needs are met by government mandate (Socialism-Marxism) will evolve into productive, law abiding, citizens culminating in Nirvana. These are those who serve the “creature” (the climate-change god – the environment) rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25).

John Adam’s, aware of the destructive sin-nature of mankind, said that our Constitution was constructed, made, ONLY for a moral and religious people and that it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other; in other words, America’s Constitutional Republic will inevitably fail unless Jesus Christ is America’s King and the Holy Spirit is America’s Wisdom in the heart of the majority. America’s Constitutional Republic will inevitably collapse unless the sin-nature of humanity is controlled by the indwelling Holy Spirit given by faith in Jesus as Lord (Ephesians 1:13-14; Galatians 5:16); this is why early drawings/sketches of Colonial America depicted numerous Church steeples throughout a township or municipality…Jesus Christ is the KEY to America’s success and sustainability.

The demonically inspired “addiction of diminishing returns”…

Over the previous century, demonic influences from socialists, secular humanists and Marxists in our public education system, Hollywood, print media, music industry and as of late, Big Tech, naïve and educationally deceived American’s have been morphed into God-hating, sexually perverse, abortion advocating, Marxists i.e., servants of Satan, the demonic. Today, we see the Democrat Party “progressively” seeking later term abortions; pushing LGBTQ perversion onto school-grade children in public schools; parents exposing their toddlers and preteens to perverse drag queens, transsexuals, dancing and thrusting in the face of these children, some with music and lyrics of oral sex and masturbation and anal intercourse.

America’s youth cannot differentiate between male and female for fear of being ostracized by the WOKE MOB while the demonic trend today is changing one’s sexual identity and our medical establishment stands ready to provide the necessary surgeries (castration or mastectomy) and puberty blockers to appease the demons in our society who have taken custody of our children. Why?

There is a demonically inspired deficit in the human psyche I refer to as the “addiction of diminishing returns.” The Addiction of Diminishing Returns comes into play when a man, woman or child is exposed to or initiate acts of perversion to God’s natural law in their life; some begin with exposure to and consuming pornography, others dabble in narcotics, others initiate various forms of sexual experimentation; this compromise with perversity ultimately begins to lose its initial demonically inspired euphoric pleasure due to satiation and therefore the flesh mandates incrementally progressive forms of perversion to the natural law in order to achieve some semblance of euphoric satiation as experienced early-on in the progressive addiction. This endless pursuit of euphoric satiation is due to the psychological and physiological phenomena of “diminishing returns”…this is the resultant of the sin-nature and relentless demonic influence which overwhelming culminates in the destruction of the individual and is also relevant to a Nation and its longevity, sustainability.

A Nation whose majority has succumbed to immorality, narcissism, murdering their youth in the womb and their elderly for the tomb, physiological and psychological addiction to perversions of the natural law, will inevitably implode; this, due to the Addiction of Diminishing Returns. This will be America’s demise and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear through the Holy Spirit’s anointing are observing, daily, this phenomenon play-out before our very eyes in American culture (Romans 1:18-32). God is not mocked, a man, woman, Nation will reap what they sow (Galatians 6:7-8).

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