How can Israel be culpable for Messiah’s death if His death was prophesied beforehand?

How can Israel’s children be “guilty” of Messiah’s murder if the Crucifixion was prophesied hundreds if not thousands of years earlier?

Messiah’s death, the shedding of innocent blood as atonement for sin, has been a reality subsequent Genesis 3:21 but the Father did not ordain Messiah’s death through His “chosen” people, Israel, but only that Messiah would die for the sins of the World. Israel’s children “chose” to be the cursed people of Messiah’s death as Yahweh could have easily used Pilate and the Roman law to bring about the Crucifixion of Messiah via the charge of subversion or sedition but Israel chose to murder the Messiah sent to them, a Messiah foreshadowed through types and prophecy throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. There is life through forgiveness of sin for every child of Jacob who acknowledges their sin, repents, and fully trusts in Yeshua as their Messiah who died for them.

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