American Liberalism v. Jesus

America’s sustainability: Liberalism v. Jesus

Why is Liberalism-Progressivism the antithesis of sustainable mores, norms, values, necessary for America’s Constitutional Republic?

The American experiment of a Constitutional Republic constructed by the people for the people necessitated a religious and moral people for its success. America’s Founder’s relied solely upon an overwhelming majority of the populous having been “born again” and redeemed by faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and subsequently receiving the indwelling Holy Spirit as a personal Tutor, Guide, Wisdom, Counselor, via the conscience via the daily process of sanctification. This is why a Church steeple was usually visible from most every quadrant of early townships in Colonial America.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams (From John Adams to Massachusetts Militia, 11 October 1798)

Our Founder’s structured the purposefully “limited” Federal Government with checks and balances via the fragmentation of governmental responsibility shared between the Executive-Legislative-Judicial branches with “We the people” receiving representation through elected leadership; Representatives possessing the shared values, norms, mores, of the people who elected them.


One of the primary reasons Progressivism-Liberalism will not succeed in America’s Constitutional Republic, a Republic founded upon Biblical principals e.g. the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is that Liberalism naively believes humanity is inherently “good” by nature and if provided sufficient sustenance sufficient to feed the lust of the flesh there will be universal peace and tranquility, a sociological satiation, personal satisfaction through shared equity, sufficient to bridge any differences between race, religion, ethnicity, worldview; the theoretical outcome of pervasive equity will be social integration manifesting ultimately in a utopia of peace, love and nirvana.


Our Founder’s took a Biblical approach to the propensities of human kind believing what the Holy Spirit has said concerning human nature and the sin-nature that lurks within all of humanity. Our Founder’s knew that only by an intimate relationship with our Creator, Jesus Christ, through faith and receiving the Holy Spirit as the Constrainer and Restrainer of the sin-nature would the pursuit of individual freedoms apart from intrusive Governmental oversight be realized. Herein lies the foundational failure of Liberalism i.e. the inability or refusal to see and wrestle with the reality of mankind’s inherent sin-nature requiring either redemption by faith in Jesus Christ or a tyrannical form of Government practicing authoritarianism as its guiding mandate to prevent societal implosion.

Today, in America, we see the impotency of the “do gooders” i.e. Liberalism and its rejection of our Founder’s mandates necessitating the behavioral modification and individual self-restraint only provided by the Judaeo-Christian ethic practiced and realized in individual homes with a dad and mom as their children’s primary role model supplemented by the local Church and the public school teaching “Creationism” as opposed to the lunacy of Darwinism i.e. atheism; Mom and Dad along with the local Church and the public school teaching the benefits of personal, Biblical, morality, personal responsibility, as opposed to the demonism of Darwinism, Marxism, LGBTQ sexual-gender confusion.

Whenever Democrats, Liberals, are in charge of a municipal or State government, crime and suffering and poverty and homelessness and addiction and gender confusion and suicide and abortion will define the people and their personal values because Liberalism rejects God’s Truth in exchange for the deception of the Devil who whispers to humanity that in the pursuit of sufficient knowledge-education and equity and appeasement of the sin-nature, mankind will arrive at nirvana and in conjunction with the satiation of the flesh all of humanity will finally realize enduring peace and happiness and tranquility; unfortunately, today’s morally ill, apostate America, demonstrates that the Devil is a liar and our Founder’s were correct in their assessment of the sin-nature articulated by the Holy Spirit.

Liberalism, a home for Marxism

Liberalism is better defined as “do-gooders” absent Biblical wisdom and neglectful of the Holy Spirit’s discernment. The Marxist’ find their demonic ideology easily integrated with the error of American Liberalism and this is why Marxism, with Liberalism as its catalyst, will be the death of Americanism as Liberalism is best defined as a naïve people absent wisdom and discernment possessing a heart of compassion but clueless concerning reality relevant to the evil inherent within humanity.

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