The Trinity: Questions for the skeptic…

Concerning the Trinity, a question for the skeptic…

If we agree that our Creator is omnipotent, why is it impossible as per your theological perspective that our Creator, Elohim, lacks the ability to introduce Himself and function within the Realm of Time as three-distinct persons and personalities, each with individual will, purpose, function? Would it not have been infinitely less controversial and infinitely more understandable for Elohim to simply reveal Himself as Father God void irrefutable distinctions of personage and function?

Consider this,

1) The Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Father, repeatedly identify Jesus as our Creator; therefore, how could Jesus be anything or anyone less than Deity?

2) The Holy Spirit is integral with all of Elohim’s works throughout the Scriptures beginning in Genesis 1:2 and Jesus’ virgin conception to His resurrection to the establishment of the New Covenant Church are all directly attributable to the work of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is Guarantor of covenant relationship by faith (Ephesians 1:13-14) and the Holy Spirit is the One divinely protected from blasphemy (Luke 12:10); therefore, how can the Holy Spirit be anything or anyone less than Deity?

Modalism or Oneness simply do not align with what is written in the Scriptures and the Father, Son and Spirit are clearly identified as individuals and each have individual will and function; therefore, why is our omnipotent Creator having revealed Himself in three-distinct persons yet identifying as ONE-GOD so viciously antithetical to your perception of our Biblical God?

Does your revulsion to the doctrine of the Trinity emanate from man’s inability to fully understand our omnipotent Creator and should you reject a doctrine so clearly articulated within the Scriptures simply because man’s finite mind doesn’t fully comprehend our infinite Creator?

1) Father = Administrator

2) Son = Creator-Warrior-Messiah-Judge

3) Holy Spirit = Logistics

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