Adam-Eve-A Serpent-A Tree-Sin…what is going on in the Bible and why?

Adam-Eve-a Sabbath-a Serpent-A Tree-Sin-A Curse-A Son-Blood-Animal Skins-A Flood-Death-Law-Suffering-a Cross-a Covenant…what is going on in the Bible and why?

1) The subject of Adam’s disobedience in Eden is not what He ate but what He did; that is, rejecting the sovereignty, authority, of Elohim for the sake of narcissism…his own perceived pleasures. This very same volitional paradox exists in the life of every human being from Adam forward.

2) Though the Holy Spirit uses the “serpent” to form a word picture concerning the attributes of Satan in Eden, Eve did not observe a “snake” but what Eve observed and relented to is described in detail by the Holy Spirit through the prophet Ezekiel in Chapter 28 beginning with v.11.

3) Concerning the Genesis Sabbath, the 7th-Day…The Sabbath as an edict was NEVER given anyone but Jacob’s children beginning in Exodus 16 as a sign between Israel and Yahweh…never has a Gentile been commanded to observe a Sabbath lest that Gentile was seeking inclusion into Israel’s society UNDER LAW.

Our God’s primary focus in Time is the destruction of Satan’s works (death-Hell-the grave) through the Gospel of Grace via the Son (1 John 3:8b); the entire Creation narrative is in response to Satan’s coup d’état. Everything else is fluff for fodder; that is, every other doctrine of Scripture is foundational to this one objective…destroying the works of the Devil via selfless love while maintaining volitional love with the faithful angelic creation remaining in the Kingdom as the Father is restoring peace and order to His Kingdom partially destroyed by Satan and his rebellion.

All of humanity is an active participant in this cosmic war raging around us and within us and our eternal destiny hinges upon whom we choose to serve, Elohim or His nemesis, Satan.

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