What happens to the spirit of a child who dies?

What happens to the spirit of a child who dies?

Anyone NOT having attained an age of reason sufficient to cognitively discern God’s righteous decrees upon their life; that is, anyone who has not reached an age sufficient to discern right from wrong…these are NOT culpable for sin before our Lord because where there is no Law there is no sin (Romans 4:15; 5:13).

A child or baby or the mentally ill are NOT capable of understanding God’s will for their life nor are they cognitively capable of understanding the moral law of God; therefore, they are innocent due to their inability to know God’s will for their life.

Jesus chastised those who attempted to stop the children from coming to commune with Him as Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these (Matthew 19:14).

When King David had lost his baby to death, the King washed himself off from his crying and begging that the child might live and when asked by his servants why he had stopped weeping for the dead child and had refreshed himself, David told them that it is not possible for the child to come back to him but that he would go to the child…David knew and confirmed that children are ushered into the presence of our Lord as they are deemed “not guilty” by our Holy and Just and Compassionate Creator.

Do not worry about a child that dies…they are secure in the hands of Jesus Christ and if you die having faith in Jesus as your Lord, you WILL see that child again!

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