COBRA Exhausts: A Company that destroys our Quality of Life…

COBRA EXHAUST’s used by Law Enforcement to skirt Federal and State Muffler Laws…Why?

Recently, I’ve attempted to expose the Lee County Florida Sheriff’s Department’s compromise with thuggery as I photographed one of their Harley police motorcycles illegally equipped with LOUD and dangerously intrusive COBRA aftermarket exhausts. I remember a trip to Washington DC in years past where I lobbied on Capitol Hill for my “American Quality of Life Act – 2017 (…/american-quality-of…/page/1 ). Unfortunately, as a retired police officer, I lacked sufficient monies to “buy” the interest of our federal legislators.

While in D.C. and standing near the White House, the Capitol Police were escorting VP Pence into the area and I noticed a number of the Harley police motorcycles operated by the DC/Capitol Police were illegally LOUD…I was able to capture a photo and video of the exhausts used and I believe the DC Police, like Lee County Florida, use COBRA (or similar – “Screaming Eagle”) aftermarket exhausts that do NOT conform to US EPA/CFR mandates for noise emissions or labeling. This is THUG conduct by our law enforcement community!

While investigating COBRA exhausts and how they’re marketed for use on our public roadways, I discovered an interesting advertisement by COBRA that reads: “Cobra Exhaust Review- They Will Help You Avoid Tickets”…

Excerpt from the article: “Having these different variations will allow you to adapt to your environment. For states with higher restrictions, you may want to consider the quiet core exhausts or the slip on mufflers (they can easily be altered on the fly). For states with more lax laws, you can amp up your exhaust system with the dragster and speedster exhaust systems. Either way, Cobra has worked on producing the best variety of exhausts to help you in today’s world.”

Why are police departments in the United States opting to equip police motorcycles with illegal exhausts by a company i.e. COBRA that employ a marketing strategy designed to openly violate the motor vehicle muffler laws enacted for the protection of the American Citizen? Why is a thug-company like COBRA permitted to do business in our market place when they care NOTHING for our laws or our quality of life?


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