The Cross of Jesus Christ – Its Relevance to the Christian & Christianity…

The Cross of Jesus Christ – its relevance to the Christian and Christianity…

The Cross is Elohim’s tool of victory over the Devil…we don’t glorify implements of war but they are respected for what they are and what they accomplish when implemented with righteous hands and motives. The Cross is the tool used by the Father to redeem you from your sin and neutralize the Devil’s power through deception e.g. death, Hell, the grave, and give you victory through selfless love demonstrated by Jesus at Golgotha.

The Cross is a war implement of remembrance concerning what God has done for those who will trust in Jesus as their Lord. I believe the Cross will be on display in the New Jerusalem as a visual bulwark guiding free will and constraining future rebellion in the Kingdom. Christian’s don’t worship the Cross, we worship the One who hung there and died for our redemption from sin and the “second death” in Hell.

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