What does Elohim desire concerning Humanity?

What does Elohim desire concerning humanity?

If people would listen…God is pleading with them for their love in a healthy and loving relationship with Him where their heart is His and His peace through the Holy Spirit is theirs and goodness and joy flows through those who love Him in the Son, Jesus Christ, who made relationship with the Father possible through reconciliation at the Cross (John 3). Elohim is in the process of righting a wrong that manifest in His Kingdom before Time began and Elohim has ordained the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the battle strategy, the methodology, by which He has defeated the works of the Devil (2 Timothy 1:9-10; 1 John 3:8b). Elohim chose human flesh, bone, blood, through which He would restore peace to His Kingdom through selfless love yet mankind steadfastly insists that his own self-righteousness has a relevant role to play in God’s eschatological plan.

Why must man insist that knowing God is riddled with rules, regulations, customs, traditions, religions, strife, heritage…when knowing God is knowing peace through simple faith and trust in what God has done for us as He first loved us and gave Himself for us so that we could be His children, forever? Concerning Elohim, it’s all about RELATIONSHIP through faith and love…not LAW, not self-righteousness, not work and striving after that which is not attainable through human effort.

Elohim is victorious through the faithfulness of those who love Him and trust in Him in Jesus Christ our Lord, God, Creator, Warrior. We are victors with our God when we come along side Him and love Him, trust Him, honor Him with faith and obedience to His Holy Spirit who guides the faithful in sanctification as the Spirit prepares the faithful for eternal service in the New Jerusalem.

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