What is Faith in God? How is it expressed?

What is true Faith and how is it expressed? Responding to the self-righteousness of legalism and Judaism…

Faith is simply believing that God is true and will do as He has promised. Works-obedience are the resultant of faith expressed by man and received by God. Works validate faith, works do not supplant the necessity for faith which first establishes relationship with God and makes works viable and honorable to God. Until such time you have established covenant relationship with God by faith in Jesus as Lord, your works, on your best day, are filthy rags in God’s nose. If you truly loved God and were in covenant relationship with Him through the Son, you would know this and understand this but you choose arrogance and self-righteousness thinking that you’re somehow worthy of God’s love when you have fallen for the lie of the Devil and will perish with Him lest you repent.

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