Port Charlotte Florida, too LOUD for my money…

Port Charlotte is replete with some the most obnoxiously LOUD, narcissistic bikers, in the Nation who abuse our children, the elderly in our hospital district, the handicapped, with illegal noise levels that are many multiples (logarithmic) the legal, total, EPA compliant, 80dB(A) as mandated by the US EPA as per the J331a full-throttle testing procedure. In the evenings, Hwy 41/Harbor/Midway/Veterans sounds like a raceway. Along with the rudest and most obnoxious LOUD bikers, auto’s, trucks, Port Charlotte’s enforcement arm, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department, is as useless as the tits on a boar hog through compromise with loud vehicular thuggery and their impotence in enforcing the muffler laws enacted by our Legislators for the protection of our families, our most innocent, our children…I’ve made multiple attempts to invest here through real estate but if the Law Enforcement Community is too lazy, compromising and impotent, to provide protection from LOUD vehicle thugs, if the Charlotte County Commissioners are too impotent, cowardly and uncaring to protect my family, I won’t waste my money or my time. Bye.

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