Concerning Allah – Jesus – Islam – Israel – Creation – Purpose – a brief history…our future…

Concerning Allah – Jesus – Islam – Israel – Time – Eternity – Causation – Truth…a brief history, our future…

Before Time, Heaven, the Earth, our genome, were created by Jesus Christ…the Devil has coveted the power and authority of God. The sin and rebellion of the Devil was cast out of the Kingdom and Jesus was commissioned by the Father to take elements from the unseen Spiritual Realm and fashion those elements into matter constrained by Time and physics (John 3:35; John 1; Colossians 1; Hebrews 1; Hebrews 11:3); subsequently, the Devil/Satan was extricated from the Kingdom (Luke 10:18; Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 28) and the declaration of war between Jesus and the Devil was initiated/articulated with Genesis 3:15; the battle strategy to be used by Jesus to defeat the Devil was first pictured in Genesis 3:21 as the primary purpose for Jesus’ entrance into the Realm of Time was to “destroy the works of the Devil” (1 John 3:8b). Our entire creation has come into being as a resultant of a coup d’é·tat initiated by Satan and the Earth created as a repository for that cosmic war.

The Devil’s strategy, Islam…

The Devil has mocked God and successfully seduced mankind to compromise with evil from the beginning. God allows this corruption as Satan’s destruction displays to the faithful angelic creation, those angels that did not follow Satan in the rebellion, the necessity for obedience to God’s will and the eschewing of evil which inevitably leads to self-destruction…this demonstrative scenario is necessary as our God is maintaining volitional love with His angelic creation while demonstrating the necessity for obedience as the Law is God’s arbiter concerning free will.The Devil continues to war against God even though he is a defeated foe as those who trust in Jesus’ sacrifice at Golgotha are no longer subject to the ramifications of sin and evil e.g. death-Hell-the grave. Yet the Devil mocks God and attempts to replicate God’s authority on Earth by garnering to himself the praise and worship and servitude of human kind. The Devil has secured for himself the praise and worship of billions of men, women, children, via a religious cult that finds its root in the infidelity of Abraham and Hagar producing the “wild donkey” of a man named Ishmael.

Ishmael is the father of the Ishmaelites, an enemy of Jacob’s children. From the demonically rooted seed of the Ishmaelites, a 7th-Century pedophile-thief-murderer by the name of Muhammad was introduced into the World. Muhammad, a demon possessed charismatic scoundrel, stole from the Jewish Torah and created a Book of lies and deceit known as the Koran and used this Book of Lies in his effort to convince the Jews in Media to follow his new religion. When the Jews rejected Muhammad, he began to abuse them, murder them; ultimately the Islamic Caliphate was formed and for 1400-years, the World suffered death and destruction at their hands.

The demonic cult of Islam is Satan’s attempt to usurp and duplicate God’s authority on Earth. Islam is the vessel by which Satan garners the praise and worship of billions of men, women, children. The Allah of Islam is a facade; the Allah of Islam is Satan masquerading as an “angel of light” via the Arabic Moon god. There is nothing but death and hopelessness and deceit in Islam and the representatives of Islam – primarily Iran, will coalesce with Russia-China-an Islamic coalition and come against Jerusalem, Israel via a nuclear war…soon…and America will have been demonically castrated by liberalism, communism, political correctness, Darwin/Atheism/Secularism-Marx-Lenin, abortion, LGBTQ deception and America will be economically, militarily, ethically/morally, incapable of interceding on Israel’s behalf; therefore, Israel will be forced to trust only in Messiah Jesus, the God they murdered and rejected for over 2000-years.

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