Is there a Purgatory or anything like it in the Bible?

Question was asked: “Is there a Purgatory in the Bible or anything like Purgatory?”

Christian response,

There is no Purgatory, a Catholic doctrine for money-making and holding parishioners in bondage to the Catholic Mass hoping to pray their dead relative, spouse or friend out of Purgatory and into Heaven via the lighting of candles, prayers of intercession for the dead, indulgences – money given to the Catholic Church. This is heretical Catholic dogma/doctrine.

Is there something like “Purgatory” in the Bible?

There is an intermediary place of the dead taught by Jesus (Luke 16) and the Holy Spirit in Scripture. In the Hebrew Scriptures this place of the dead is called Sheol and in the Greek Scriptures, Sheol is referred to as “Hades.” This place of the dead is neither the Kingdom of God nor is it Hell/the Lake of Fire. According to Jesus as per Luke 16, Sheol/Hades is divided into two-large sections/regions with an impassable chasm dividing the two regions. The Old Testament dead who died rejecting God, their spirit, upon death of the body, was and remains interned in Sheol-Torments and will remain there until the coming Great White Throne Judgment manifesting subsequent to the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ (Revelation 20:11-15).

According to Jesus as per Luke 16, those in the Old Testament who expressed faith in God and found righteousness (a right standing) with Him by faith (Hebrews 11), these, upon death of the body, their soul/spirit was detained in Sheol-Paradise/AKA Abraham’s Bosom. These “righteous” dead were detained in Sheol-Paradise because the acceptable sacrifice for sin, the coming Messiah promised in Scripture, had not manifest and we know that nothing impure is permitted to enter the Kingdom of God (Rev 21:27).

Though these Old Testament saints found righteousness with God by faith, they could not enter the Kingdom until such time their iniquity was atoned for by the blood of Messiah as faith in Jesus as Lord is the ONLY Way to the Father (John 14:6). Subsequent to Messiah Jesus’ atonement for sin, the Holy Spirit teaches that while Messiah’s body laid in the tomb, Jesus, in Spirit, entered Sheol-Hades/Paradise, preached liberty to the captives there and personally escorted them into the Kingdom awaiting the resurrection of the righteous. Subsequent to the extrication of the righteous saints from Sheol-Paradise by Jesus, that region of Sheol remains completely empty as anyone who dies having trusted in Jesus as Lord in the New Covenant established in Messiah’s blood now transitions directly into the presence of our Lord in spiritual form (2 Corinthians 5:8) and will remain in the presence of our Lord awaiting the resurrection of the righteous and service in the New Jerusalem.

According to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, Hades-Sheol/Torments remains inhabited by the spirits of the unrighteous dead and even today, in the New Covenant, those who die rejecting Jesus as Lord, their spirit is interned in Hades-Sheol/Torments (NOT HELL) and will remain there with the Old Testament unrighteous dead awaiting the resurrection of the condemned (John 5:29) where they will receive a resurrected body of corruption and stand before Jesus to be judged in accordance with the deeds done in the body while the body was constrained by the Realm of Time and physics. These unrighteous dead will ultimately be adjudicated “guilty” for sin and lose both body and soul in the “second death” in the Lake of Fire, forever (Revelation 20:11-15).

The Holy Spirit teaches me that the unrighteous dead will suffer in the Lake of Fire commensurate with the evil done in the body and they will then be consumed and suffer the “second death” which is a complete annihilation of all life, remembrance, forever.

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