Must one be grafted into Israel to be saved from death in Hell?

Statement was made concerning Israel and salvation: “If you’re not grafted into Israel, you are lost.” Is this true? Can Israel save?

Christian response,

No, Israel has nothing to do with my salvation other than Messiah having entered Time through the Tribe of Judah giving His life to pay my sin-debt I could never pay; it is my faith in Jesus as my Messiah that is my salvation and assurance of eternal life; truth is, a majority of Jacob’s children will die the “second death” in Hell as a result of their rejection of Messiah Yeshua as Savior. I love Israel and his children but they are blind, stiff-necked, obstinate and filled with self-righteousness as they cling to a Law that can never save them (Romans 9:30); a Law that only defines sin void atonement (Romans 3:20) while Messiah stands before them ready and willing to forgive their sin and offer them eternal life (John 3:16). By faith I am grafted into the promises made to Israel concerning salvation; the difference being, I honor the Father by believing in what the Son, Jesus Christ, has done for me; an overwhelming number of Israel’s children deny their Messiah and blaspheme His deity and sacrifice.

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