The Holtsclaw RV Adventure

The Holtsclaw RV Adventure – a public diary…

The Holtsclaw RV adventure began in early 2021 when Sylvia, out of the blue and much to my surprise, began re-homing her ponies, alpacas, goats, mules, rabbit; then, my Wife placed  our log-cabin, located in Northwest Arkansas, on Zillow “for sale by owner.” Motivated by my Wife, we began a search for an affordable RV as our “home;” that is, if the cabin sold. On March 24th, 2021, we located a 2014 Thor Motor Coach, Class C on a Chevrolet chassis; the RV was parked on a consignment lot in south Fort Smith a few miles south of I-540 on Highway 71. The owner of the consignment lot was experiencing some hard times physiologically and psychologically due to an accident and informed us that he was unable to contact the owner of the RV. I noted the vehicle’s registration and Sylvia and I pursued the owner through State public records. Subsequent to obtaining the RV’s registration, Sylvia and I drove to the Waldron Arkansas Police Department where a very kind lady at the front desk assisted us with contacting the registered owner. Subsequent to some negotiations, we completed the purchase of the RV on March 24, 2021. The 2014 Chevrolet Thor 23u Motor Coach had under 9400.0 miles on the OD at the time of purchase and appeared to be in very good condition other than the owner’s failure to cover/protect the vehicle from weather. 

Subsequent to familiarizing ourselves with the RV, its particulars, and performing some routine maintenance, Sylvia and I took our first trip to Houston/College Station in the last week of March. The objective of this initiation trip was to say goodbye to our son, Charlie, my daughter-in-law, Goli, and my handsome grandson, Luke. They were en route to Scotland for Charles’ new job assignment. En route to Houston, we stopped by our daughter’s home in College Station. Rebekah accompanied us in the RV to Charlie’s home as she would take custody of the Toyota Prerunner that Charlie was gifting to her. Subsequent to a sad “goodbye” to Charlie, Golie and Luke, we drove the RV back to College Station where Austin, my son-in-law, grilled some delicious steaks for my birthday. Our virgin trip in the RV was truly a learning experience and I remain amazed at the learning-curve relevant to RV life; one does not simply purchase an RV and function in it; there is much to be learned along the way. It is certainly advantageous if the RV owner possesses at least some knowledge relevant to engine mechanics; metal-fiberglass-rubber restoration/repair; plumbing; electrical.

In a matter of weeks, our home did sell (my wife should work in real estate) and we closed on May 12, 2021 at which time Sylvia and I were “homeless” per se but the RV stood ready to fill that void. Two of our eight rescue dogs, Buddy and Lady, were adopted by the new home owners at which time we saddled-up Duke, Finn, PePe, Layla, Zoe, MiMi, into the RV and headed to College Station to deliver a piano to Rebekah along with a plethora of her childhood memorabilia.

Finn enjoying the ride to College Station
Buster guarding the RV for us

On the trip down to College Station, we spent the night in a “Loves” fueling station parking lot in Hearne, Texas. The next morning, we arrived at Austin and Rebekah’s home and remained there until Monday, May 17, 2021…the RV was our curbside home…we were even graced by College Station with an ordinance violation for having parked the RV on the street for 72-hours…warning only…no fine involved. 

My beautiful Daughter and excellent Mexican food, College Station, TX

The Journey Begins (Arkansas to Texas)

Today, May 17, 2021, Sylvia and I left College Station, Texas and headed to Eagle Pass via back roads to visit friends of the family. I noticed early on that life in the RV with six-dogs would be a trial in patience for both of us but subsequent to lunch in Bastrop, TX and a large cup of coffee (Sylvia ate a WhatABurger and fries-diet & regular Coke mix/I ate a fruit salad with coffee) our patience grew stronger and we arrived in Eagle Pass around 5PM. A storm, high winds, plagued the rather small town and we located a Luby’s Cafeteria that appears to be closed for business due to the COVID nonsense.

Headed to Eagle Pass, TX

The Luby’s parking lot is adjacent to Lowe’s and Walmart and finding a relatively level spot on the side of the building, we’ve parked for the night with generator running, air conditioner on, dogs falling asleep and a delicious sandwich to be consumed; the sandwich having been prepared by chef Sylvia, comfortably full, we fell asleep…the RV swaying in the high winds mimicking a cruise ship on rough seas. 

May 18, 2021 (Tuesday) (Texas – Eagle Pass)

The evening storms on Monday gave-way to a relatively nice morning, mild temps with a light breeze, partly cloudy. We’re still making adjustments to living with six-dogs in such a confined environment as are the dogs…they’re traumatized by the noise in the cabin, the swaying, the braking, our impatience but…we’re working on it. We were forced to run the generator and air conditioning during the night as the humidity demanded same but even with the intermittent sleep, Sylvia and I awoke relatively rested and took the dogs for a walk around the Luby’s parking lot. Sylvia then watered and attempted to feed the dogs but their nerves would not permit much food consumption although they were very thirsty. Sylvia prepared us some coffee and I continued to walk the dogs while Sylvia cleaned and organized the RV…she is an “excellent” wife. 

There is a Chick-fil-A across the street from Luby’s and after retracting the awning and securing the dogs, we drove there for breakfast; unfortunately, the dining room was closed (most likely due to the COVID nonsense)…the drive thru would not permit the height of the RV so we proceeded to Walmart, ate a light breakfast with coffee at What-a-burger then picked-up supplies from Walmart. Instead of spending two-to-four-hundred-dollars on a GPS, I’ve elected to use my old cell phone and purchased a vent mount to hold it…we will see how this inexpensive option works out.

Leaving Walmart, we proceeded to Ellie’s and met with Tom and Ellie at their home. The doggies were secured in the backyard and after a brief greeting with Tom and Ellie, I drove to Discount Tire as they had called and said my tires had been delivered and they were ready for install. I selected the Durvais R500 HD ($171.00 each x 6) subsequent to reading reviews on a number of tires that would fit the RV…the Discount Tire representative in Bryan agreed adamantly that the Durvais’ were excellent tires for use on the RV. 

Tom and Ellie, we’re departing for Del Rio

Subsequent to tire installation, I took the suggestion of a Discount Tire representative and searched out a “good mechanic” that would perform an alignment on the RV; unfortunately, this guy works out of his home and the address landed me in area of Eagle Pass that looked like an LA Barrio; so then, I made my way out of the area and proceeded to Precision Auto…another dead-end as they were closed for lunch. I felt guilty for spending so much time with the tire installation and searching for an alignment because Tom had used a sick-day from work to visit with us; therefore, I headed straight to their home while Ellie had gone to pick up some Mexican food for lunch.

We had a wonderful lunch-dinner with Tom, Ellie and Matt and during our after lunch conversation and coffee, mom called a potential RV park toward Del Rio. Besides being rather rude to mom, the representative for the RV park advised that our dogs were not acceptable in her park and that a storm was moving into our area…and…she was correct concerning the storm according to the radar. The radar showed a storm approximately 30-minutes west of Eagle Pass and the weather depiction reflected red, green, pink…not my cup-of-tea; therefore, mom and I opted to put the dogs into the RV and head north away from the path of the storm hoping to only drive through the “green” area of moderate rain. With a quick and heartfelt goodbye to Ellie and Tom, we headed north toward Del Rio with no wheel alignment performed. 

May 19, 2021 (Wednesday) (Texas – Del Rio – Amistad National Park)

The road surface to Del Rio was rather bumpy – rough but the scenery was nice. While en route, mom found a camping site in the Amistad National Park; after some driving and searching, we opted to turn into the campground on the east-side of Hwy. 90 (Ranger Station – boat ramp for Walk Lake)…low and behold, one of the first things we observed was a FREE dump station with trash receptacle and potable water…just what we had been searching for…there were NO dump stations or areas to service our black and gray water in Eagle Pass or vicinity. I almost paid $40.00 to stay at a RV park outside of Del Rio just to dump our black/gray water but the Federal Government’s Park Service at the Amistad Reservoir (north of Del Rio on Hwy 90) came through for us; in fact, just down the road from the free dump station were campsites oriented toward RV’s; so then, we chose camp site #14, paid $20.00 for two-nights…placed the money in an envelope and deposited it into the fee-box down the road. This area had been recommended to us by two-Park Rangers at another entrance to the park approximately .5-miles south…these guys looked like Navy Seals with their beards, military style uniforms…very professional…very impressive. 

As I was walking to the deposit-box, I met a couple, husband and wife, from San Diego, CA who were on a cross-country trip in their RV. The gentleman was very upset with Governor Newsom and his liberal, tyrannical, idiocy…they were looking to possibly sell their home in CA and move east…somewhere. We talked for approximately one-hour; as darkness settled in, mom walked-up with all six-dogs on leashes…she entered into a conversation with the wife but later I learned mom was UPSET with me for leaving her with the dogs and talking so long with these strangers; all ended well and I was forgiven with grace. It was around 10:30PM when we made it back to the RV and mom watered/fed the dogs and we went to bed…the weather was cool enough to open the windows and at one point I actually had to use the covers…desert weather coolness at night. We all slept rather well even though our campsite is approximately 100-yards from Highway 90 and a parallel train track that crosses the lake. The Amistad Lake or “Walk Lake” is beautiful water and the white-ish rocks that encase it are clean against the blue water. 

Shores of Walk Lake – Amistad National Park (Me and my babies)
Walk Lake – Amistad National Park (Hwy 90/RR Bridge over lake)

This morning I prepared coffee for mom and myself and we drank it with the doggies under a canopy/park bench adjacent to our RV…beautiful view. Mom made us breakfast consisting of tortillas, eggs, cheese…delicious; later, I went for a jog, first with PePe, then Finn, then Duke…mom opted for a walk; so then, I ended the jog and we all “walked” to the lake for exercise. We’re now back at the RV, the dogs have collapsed…some are sound asleep. My God is good and I’m thankful for a beautiful day with my family.  

Later in the day, mom wanted to take a hike toward the Ranger Station which would require a cross-country adventure; unfortunately, a quick moving storm from the east to the west drove us inside the RV seeking shelter. Subsequent to the rain and wind, we saddled up, leashed-up the dogs and headed out for an adventure. We found ourselves walking through cactus and prickly bushes…the last time I heard so much bellyaching (from Sylvia) was Marine Corps infantry; my wife had cactus stickers in her legs as did some of the dogs; of course, it was all my fault. We struggled to make our way up to the highway and found the road back to our RV site. Upon arriving at the RV, our neighbors were waiting for us, a very kind couple from San Diego we had met the night before. We invited them to join us under the canopy and enjoyed a great conversation. For supper, I ate four-shredded wheat biscuits and mom prepared some oatmeal for herself…then…my first real shower since leaving Rebekah’s house days earlier…I was overdue. The night air was almost “cold” and we slept like babies, two and four legged. 

May 20, 2021 (Thursday) (Texas – Amistad to El Paso)

Mom and I got up this morning and immediately serviced the dogs; I made coffee for us and walked around the campsite enjoying my cup of brew; afterwards, we prepared the RV for the road and I checked the essentials concerning oil, tires, compartment security…mom organized things inside. Upon leaving the campsite, we headed south to the Park’s dump station and emptied our gray and black water then filled-up with potable water seeing that we would probably be boon-docking for a day or two or three. I then drove to the Ranger Station and met with a couple of Park Rangers hoping to acquire an “America the Beautiful” National Park pass which offers discounts on park fees…as suggested by our neighbor’s from San Diego. The Park Rangers directed me to their “Visitor’s Center” approximately one-mile south on Hwy 90 toward Delrio.  Upon arrival at the “Visitor’s Center,” I met with a Park administrator who asked if I was a veteran. Upon verification of my service with the Marine Corps via my Marine Corps ID card, the administrator issued me a “free” veterans pass; I was very appreciative for this military pass seeing that the “America the Beautiful” pass cost $80.00.

After leaving the visitor’s center, we drove north on Hwy 90 and visited the Seminole State Park but found it rather unwelcoming, no campsites (closed) and all access to the property mandated a group tour guide costing $4.00 per person; so then, we left. Our travel along Hwy 90 north from Del Rio was incredible…absolutely beautiful desert landscapes…breathtaking. We stopped in a small town and parked for about an hour; while there, I took the dogs for a walk while mom prepared sandwiches and chips. The dogs were watered and fed. I prepared us some coffee and we then proceeded north once again. Mom was captivated by the desert views and especially the dust tornadoes (? dust devils) that sprung up all around us. I did not consider these dust tornadoes anything to worry about until I drove into the vicinity of one…it almost caused me to lose control of the RV…mom was frightened…but God is faithful and I am thankful for His intercession.

Hwy 90/Texas/Seminole area
Dust Devils/Marfa, TX (Hwy 90)
Marfa, TX

Dust Devils video:

Alpine, TX
Alpine, TX – Cave in the mountains

Finally, we approached Van Horn, TX at I-10 and headed west toward El Paso; we opted to boon-dock in a Walmart on the east side of El Paso. When I parked in the Walmart parking lot the OAT was 98-degrees…looks like we will sleep with the generator and air conditioning tonight. Maybe a last little walk and pee-pee for the dogs before bedtime…we gained an hour on the clock just west of Van Horn. 

May 21, 2021 (Friday) (Texas to New Mexico)

Last night in El Paso was LOUD…the area sounded like an unrestricted raceway. Temperatures were in the 90’s and slowly cooled but we opted to run the generator and air conditioning for most of the night. I’ve begun a YouTube video channel under my name and “RV Rookies” to discuss with my fellow RV’ers our experiences with boon-docking and life on the road with six-dogs in a small Class-C motorcoach. 

PePe enjoying the view

Today, we will probably search-out a Harbor Freight or Northern Tools as I need to purchase a 20-ton bottle-jack for the RV in the event we experience a flat tire. Other than that, we might pick up a quick breakfast and head toward the White Sands National Park in New Mexico. We left the Walmart in east El Paso after taking care of some banking needs and finally located a Tractor Supply that stocked a 20-ton bottle jack. After securing the bottle jack, Sylvia and I headed to McDonald’s for breakfast and then crossed over into New Mexico.

New Mexico and a warning

We arrived at White Sands around noon, the drive was tense due to the serious cross winds that pushed the RV around like a toy…the Park was beautiful…it appeared to be cleaned/purified ocean sand for miles in the middle of a desert. Syliva and I, along with the dogs, went for a walk in the sand dunes. Later, we headed to Roswell, NM to speak with some space aliens…none have been located thus far. Looks as though we may have to go to Area 51 in Nevada to fulfill mom’s desire to converse with an authentic alien. In Roswell, mom did some sweet talking and found us a boon-docking gig at the Tractor Supply on Roswell’s Main Street. We were permitted to park in the back of the store where a huge vacant field is located adjacent to the store’s rear parking lot…perfect for the dogs and hopefully a quiet night’s sleep…but…not so quick, unfortunately. 

White Sands National Park, NM
White Sands National Park, NM
White Sands National Park, NM
White Sands National Park, NM
Mom and Finn, White Sands National Park
White Sands National Park – our home

Main street in Roswell was inundated with loud biker narcissistic asses that raced their illegally loud motorcycles up and down the street repeatedly…they seemed to have picked the Tractor Supply to make their U-turn and accelerate back toward the business district in the Downtown center. It seems impossible to escape the arrogance, rudeness, narcissism, of scum bikers and modified trucks and auto’s….a shameful generation of hedonistic asses while our police are impotent, uncaring, too participatory to protect the citizenry from these loud thugs. We will see how the night progresses. Mom prepared us a supper of hot dogs, corn chips, and watermelon. I’m comfortably full…even the puppies had a taste. After some computer time…I’m headed to bed. Goodnight. 

Sunset – Roswell, NM

5-22-2021 (Saturday) (New Mexico – Roswell – Datil Well National Camp Grounds – BLM)

We got up around 6AM and fed/watered the dogs then prepared to move-out of the Tractor Supply parking lot. The noise abated to a tolerable degree and the illegally LOUD biker thugs must have finally found a place for the night in preparation for another day of narcissistic thuggery and abuse of the citizenry. I drove to a near-by McDonald’s and purchased Mom and I a large coffee. We looked at the map Mom had purchased the evening earlier and decided we would drive to the infamous “round house” in Datil, NM. Mom and I have been considering this unique home as a possible purchase…mom’s watched this home on Zillow for months…now, it’s under contract…but we still want to see the area. It was approximately a four-hour drive from Roswell to Datil and en route I stopped and purchased an AC Delco oil filter for the RV with the intent of changing oil at a local Walmart super-center…there was no super-center to be found so we proceeded onto Datil, New Mexico.

Corona, NM (Hwy 60)

Upon arrival, we searched for the “round house” on a mountain located off of Hwy 12; unfortunately, the “round house” was in a “community,” too many people and too much trash in the area for our liking. We never actually found the home…it might be gated-off but we drove for miles on a winding – WINDY – gravel mountain road and the RV performed well but the road was hard on her. Between White Sands and the Datil home search, the RV will probably need an oil change, perhaps an air-filter change as well. Our GPS simply would not pinpoint the location; backing and maneuvering the RV in this environment was NOT ideal. 

After accepting the disappointment relevant to the “round house,” we returned to the very small town of Datil, New Mexico and headed toward Arizona on Hwy. 60…but…we noticed a “camping grounds” sign west of Hwy 12 on SH-60 and opted to check-it-out and much to my surprise, after some gravel road driving, we located the National Park/Bureau of Land Management “Datil Well Camping Grounds.” I met with the Camp’s “host” at the office and discussed the individual campsites that had electrical service. Sylvia and I noticed these on our first ride around the camp grounds to inspect the facility. The host said the electrical campsites could be used if available…I found site #19 and #21 unoccupied so we parked at site #19 and hooked-up the electricity; unfortunately, there was no water hook-up or sewage dump available. The good news was that my veteran’s card “America the Beautiful” permitted free entrance and free electricity…yes!  The camp host said it was all free with a veteran’s pass…much appreciated!

I filled out the necessary paperwork for park entry and Sylvia prepared us a lunch consisting of quesadillas and chips and watermelon…very good, especially seeing that we had not eaten breakfast. After lunch, I prepared coffee for the two of us then we took a long hike into the New Mexico woods (the Park provided trails). The dogs were worn out after the hike…except for PePe…my Navy Seal dog…he was so gung-ho that he pulled me for most of the hike, choking himself with the harness yet remaining overzealous to hunt: PePe was hunting and wanted to attack something, anything, everything…PePe is TYPE-A. After returning from the hike, Mom opted to water and feed the dogs and they’re now passed-out around me on the cushions, chair, floor, while Mom organizes the loft area of the RV and I type this. We’re headed to bed soon and we will probably remain in Datil for another night; unfortunately, the Park has no Wifi service…but hey, it’s okay. The Park seems to be quiet, it has restrictions concerning noise (10P – 6A), pets…maybe we can get some rest?

May 23, 2021 (Sunday) (Datil, New Mexico) – Reality sets in…

The night’s ambient temperature DROPPED significantly under a three-quarter Moon and clear skies; as a result, I slept COLD, uncomfortable, all night with intermittent sleep due to our dogs response to the coyotes singing at the moon. I was not aware that my Wife had a weighted, warm, blanket, caressing her body all night (LOL). Finn licked his “lips” and sucked and swallowed (probably thirsty) a good part of the night and I focused on that irritating noise as well. I love Duke, I really like Finn, but these big dogs are a hindrance in the RV. The dogs, in general, really wear on Mom and her tolerance for them bounces from one extreme to the other. One moment she feels sorry for them and finds it impossible to entertain the possibility of surrendering Duke, PePe and Finn to a sanctuary or re-homing facility. We both agree that the little dogs must remain with us as they’re old and physiologically, they’re wearing down. At other times, Mom is livid, angry with the dogs…her temper flares and she’s ready to re-home them. Personally, I believe re-homing is the best option if the RV is to be a way-of-life for us for an extended period of time. Poor Duke is a good dog, faithful, but his sheer size, shedding, is too much for 140-square feet. For now, we’re dealing with it…I will sorely miss Duke if he is adopted…the thought of him leaving breaks my heart.

Immediately after climbing out of bed, we took the dogs out to take care of business then I prepared some coffee for Sylvia and myself; actually, our conversation was lengthy this morning so two-cups were in order. After coffee, I leashed PePe and we went for a jog on the gravel road that borders two-sides of the campgrounds. This morning was absolutely beautiful during our run…the high winds that plague New Mexico during May and June had completely subsided overnight…the area is clean and the air crisp and fresh. We jogged into town on Hwy 12 then took Hwy 60 west to the road leading back to the campground. Upon arrival at the RV, Mom had breakfast waiting…delicious. After breakfast, Mom took the dogs to do their business while I typed this. My conscience bothered me concerning the free pass to the Park so I retrieved another registration envelope and paid for two-nights (half-price) seeing that the area is very well maintained, convenient, and we have the privilege of a new, efficient, electrical hook-up. 

Also, seeing that I’m still in the learning curve concerning the operation of this RV, Mom insisted that the RV had heat, I disagreed, even though the thermostat indicated a heat setting. Throughout my research on RV’s, nowhere did I find a discussion concerning heaters and I ass-u-me-d that these little RV’s were absent such luxury. Mom flipped the thermostat to heat and YES…the cabin heated-up, warm air bellowed out from portals beneath the dining table bench.. and I thought to myself…I slept miserably cold and heat was available…live and learn.

Mom just now took an “Indian Shower” in the sink and cleaned her pits with a wash cloth (no water hook-up here due to water conservation and the underground well). I’ve not showered in a few days but hey…it’s all good. We will probably take the big-dogs for a walk later…the little dogs are worn-out from yesterday’s off-grid hike through the woods. 

Mom and Finn, Duke and I, walked the perimeter road of the Park, the same route I took on my morning run. We all returned a little tired at which time the dogs were watered. I prepared some coffee and later Mom prepared us bowls of soup for lunch. We have no Internet at this location so there is nothing much to do but discuss properties we would like to view in Arizona and Nevada. As we looked at the maps of Arizona and Nevada, Florida…reality has begun to set-in and we’re both a little depressed by our current circumstances. Mom’s bored, I’m tired…the dog’s are miserable and they’re making us miserable. The RV is dusty/dirty; our equipment is dusty/gritty; the dog’s are filthy with New Mexico desert dirt and dust…we’re un-bathed, unshaven; Dish Network failed to provide us service so there is no TV or news or weather other than the dash radio’s weather band. Undisciplined but loving dogs i.e. Finn and PePe…are making Mom’s life tough and filled with frustration in 140-square feet…Mom hates things to be dirty and disorganized. 

I’m not really interested in properties for sale in States that impose a State income tax…I believe this is abusive and tyranny and it angers me. The properties in Texas all suffer from excessive real estate tax though the State does not impose an income tax. New Mexico has some beautiful property for “cheap” but imposes tax on my retirement income; so then, New Mexico is most likely a no-go for me. Nevada’s properties, those on the market, are mostly positioned in the northern sector of the State…cold and possibly snowy…being a Texan at heart, I’m NOT excited by that. Mom learned through contacts with the Nevada electric providers that bring electricity to a private property, our cost would be $150.000 a mile…I don’t think so. Though the properties are relatively cheap, I’m concerned about the weather, adjacent farms with cattle, access, and the like…the winds and the cattle dung smell don’t sound feasible nor acceptable. Mom did locate one property in Hawthorne, NV south of Reno, near the California State-Line and my old Marine training grounds for mountain warfare, Bridgeport. There is property in Arizona located near the city of “Kingman” that Mom has expressed some interest in; but again, Arizona is an income tax State and puts a damper on purchasing property there as far as I’m concerned. There is a second property in Nevada’s Reno district that is also a possibility…perhaps we’ll check-it-out subsequent to the property in Hawthorne. As you proceed north on Interstate 80 out of Reno, there is a plethora of properties/acreage for sale at very reasonable prices. If none of these pan-out for us, Mom really wants to go to Alaska; my problem with Alaska is having to traverse LIBERAL Canada and their zero-tolerance for self-defense weapons. The ferry out of Washington to Alaska is cost prohibitive and the only other viable option is to leave my weapons with family in Portland and take Interstate 5 into Canada…I’ve done this in the past when Sylvia and I rode a motorcycle to Alaska via the AlCan HIghway…the fascist’ – socialists’ at the Canadian border even took my mace. At that time, I was an actively employed law enforcement officer and the liberal Canadians left me without any means of protecting my Wife as we traversed remote areas in Canada and Alaska inundated with dangerous two and four legged creatures…I was angry. I don’t like fascists and I don’t like Canada…though the Yukon is beautiful.

US-60, Moriarty, NM Windmill farm
Socorro, NM
Cibola National Forest

Anyway, not sure if we’ll head north to Oregon, Washington, Canada, Alaska, or east toward Cimarron, NM where my Grandfather, whom I’ve never met, is supposedly buried…I would like to find any history on him that might be in the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Cimarron. My Dad talked often of going to New Mexico to hunt but he never pursued that dream as my Mom would have blown a temper gasket at the very thought of Dad traveling to New Mexico. It was only after the death of my Dad that I learn his father had divorced his mom, my grandmother; subsequent to the divorce, the children all went with my Grandmother except for Dad who worked the coal mines with His father…I believe they worked mines in Kansas, Oklahoma and/or Colorado. Later, my Grandfather moved from Kansas to Cimmaron, New Mexico and allegedly married an Indian woman. Granddad was reportedly a very talented horticulturalist and enjoyed grafting plants/flowers to form a new species. Not sure if my Grandfather was using the name Holtsclaw or Daniels subsequent to the divorce and having remarried. I think a visit to Cimarron would be interesting and possibly informative. 

So presently, Mom and I are sitting in the RV in Datil, NM…a little tired; a little concerned; a little depressed; a little unsure; tired of the big dogs and they’re apparently tired of us and the discipline; the New Mexico winds have subsided as the Sun is setting in the west…I need a shower, feeling old…not looking forward to the possibility of having to “build” a home if we are successful in locating some acreage that is acceptable. Truly, I just want to be at peace…I’m easily satisfied and content; in fact, if we re-homed these big dogs and PePe, I could probably live in an RV for years and travel the United States without care and concern other than for my Wife and the RV’s maintenance. My Lord’s will be done.

Though I don’t miss Arkansas all that much, I would enjoy sitting down on the couch and watching Tucker with frozen grapes before bedtime…Arkansas was good to me and though I never felt it was really “home,” I was satisfied and appreciative to my Lord for ten-years of country life. All-in-all, reality is setting-in and I am wholly dependent upon my Lord for guidance, peace, assurance, wisdom, hope, provision and protection…I know my Lord Jesus is faithful; the Father is loving and immutable and the Spirit is my peace and knowledge and patience; therefore, I’m good and I know He will work all things out for the good of my Wife and myself in due time; of this, I have no doubt.

I did not attend Church this Sunday morning…it is possible that the Church in Datil is closed due to Covid. I truly did enjoy Church in Van Buren on Sunday morning with my Wife and the Mexican food lunch that followed and a quiet, intimate, Sunday evening with my Wife…a true joy in my life. I miss being present in my Lord’s house…I do miss that honor as Church is likened to a spiritual shower preparing me for the week ahead. May my Lord also protect, provide for, seal and save my beautiful children and grandson. Goodnight. 

Datil Well National Park
Datil Well National Park
Datil Well National Park
Datil Well National Park

May 24, 2021 (Monday) (Datil, New Mexico)

The night in Datil’s Well Park gave-way to freezing temperatures at 9450-feet elevation, we know this as there was ice on the dog’s water bowl outside the RV’s door. Mom and I woke-up around 4AM to the sound of Finn’s mouth sucking. I asked if she wanted me to make coffee but the suggestion was somewhat ignored and we finally fell back asleep. We woke again around 6AM and Mom got up quickly, turned on the cabin heat, dressed and began taking the dogs to potty, one and two at a time. I laid in bed under the covers for a few minutes as Layla, MiMi and Zoe made their way into bed with me assisted by Mom. The little girls were ecstatic as sleeping with Dad had been the routine for many years in the Arkansas cabin. 

Feeling somewhat guilty that Mom was outside in the cold taking care of the dogs, I climbed out of bed, dressed, and prepared coffee for the two of us. The morning in Datil, NM is absolutely beautiful…the night was clear, I think the Moon phase was “full” and the Sun this early hour with the pines and desert basin is simply gorgeous; that is, until those pesky WINDS begin to blow relentlessly…a phenomenon that manifests in New Mexico during the Spring, May and June…this is what we’ve been told…the winds during the day are incredible but the night is absolutely peaceful…odd. 

Personally, I remain troubled by what to do with Duke, PePe, Finn. I feel horrible for the situation we’ve put them in…they simply don’t fit in this 140-square foot RV cabin…Finn’s hair is shedding, Duke is depressed and frightened of the heater…PePe is just PePe…a type-A personality with a lovable face…WHAT TO DO? Mom’s outside attempting to take a photo of a HUGE Raven that is pilfering the desert ground near the outside bathroom…Duke’s sleeping on the blanket near the stove…the little girls are sleeping on the cushions that surround the table. 

We’re probably going to secure a few things around the RV’s cabin, I’ll disconnect the electricity, do a walk-around and check the RV for the road…I’m concerned about the fuel…we have less than a half-tank and I don’t see any towns or cities that might have fuel on the map…that is, no service for many miles. I might have to go by the little convenience store in Datil and get fuel-raped for $3.45 a gallon – regular…I’ll put maybe $20.00 in the tank to get me on down the road as I search for $2.60-2.80 a gallon fuel. These back-roads, for the most part, have high fuel prices…though the scenery is beautiful away from the congestion of the Interstates…the major thoroughfares do offer many more conveniences and generally much lower fuel prices. 

Well, I’ve elected to skip breakfast this morning, Mom’s in the bathroom taking care of her business…guess I’ll finish my coffee and prepare for the road…fuel and an oil change are on my mind; also, I’ll probably go ahead and change the air-filter with only four-thousand miles on it. This air filter has been working overtime since we left College Station, TX…through the deserts of South and West Texas, to the White Sands of New Mexico…DUST is everywhere. Mom just exited the bathroom having completed an expedited wash…she looks beautiful…anyway, no time for what’s on my mind…which is probably not on her mind; so then, I’ll deal with it…we’re headed out. 

May 25, 2021 (Tuesday) (Arizona)

The morning drive from Datil, NM to Arizona was BEAUTIFUL…I have forgotten just how magnificent America the Beautiful truly is; yes, Europe and South America certainly has their preserved history and architecture but God has truly blessed America…manifest destiny was not pretty as it clawed west…but there is no doubt, God’s hand has created and sustained this beautiful Nation and I am blessed to have been born here and experienced it. Appreciative of the clean campsite and facilities offered at Datil Well National Forest Camp Grounds, I stopped-by the “Host” house located at the exit. I thanked him and his wife for their hard work at maintaining the grounds with such due diligence and proceeded to exit the campsite and head toward Hwy 60. 

Feeling as though the RV was too low on fuel to head west from Datil while simultaneously debating whether or not I wanted to be raped by $3.45 a gallon fuel prices on the remote sections of Hwy. 60…inspired me to seek the wisdom of Chevrolet’s on-board computer which showed I had over two-hundred miles of fuel range remaining. Looking at the fuel guage and the fuel mileage suggested by the computer did not match up logically but I opted to trust the computer since I was paying cash and waiting for payday. We proceeded west to Pie Town, Omega, Quemado, and found some fuel for $3.15 in Red Hill…Mom paid $40.00 to the attendant and I put in enough fuel to safely get us on down the road. 

Our intent was to proceed west on Hwy. 60 to “Show Low,” Arizona, then turn north on Arizona’s 77 to Interstate 40, west to “Kingman” and “Yucca” to look at some acreage…but…noticing Phoenix to our southwest and our love for Rodica and Cornel (family) we opted to take Hwy 260 toward Peoria. Our little RV with the 6.0 Vortec engine was suffering on the steep mountain passes and even though I was running Mobile One’s full synthetic “Extended Performance” oil in the engine and the oil was only at “half-life” (as per the on-board computer), I opted to stop at a Walmart Super Center in Payson, AZ and change the oil. Along with an oil change, I found some fuel for $2.85 (actually Sylvia found it with her fuel app) and filled the RV with go-juice and finally got something to eat for the day, a McDonald’s “Big Mac” and fries for Mom; a smaller burger for me (Quarter Pounder w/cheese…and…two-large coffee’s…God is good.   

The bay doors at the Walmart auto center in Show Low were too low for our RV’s height and wanting to change my own oil, I parked adjacent to the auto center and raised the front-end using the stack-able leveling blocks. I had a couple of quart bottles of Mobile One in the RV storage area and purchased a drain bucket and five-quarts (Mobile-One Extended Performance 5W30) from Walmart…Sylvia helped me retrieve the tools and we changed both the engine and generator oil. Sylvia entered Walmart to do some shopping subsequent to securing the dogs to a fence positioned at the perimeter of Walmart’s auto center.

Payson AZ on Hwy 87

Subsequent to changing the oil and filter, we drove into Peoria, AZ and met with Rodica and Cornel…such loving and kind people…even with our six-dogs…they made us feel loved and so very welcome. Rodica’s home in Peoria, AZ is beautiful and I parked the RV in the cul-de-sac near her driveway. After some good conversation, some delicious Romanian food (cabbage rolls), I actually had the opportunity to take a long HOT shower and shave…felt like a new man. Later, Cornel and I discussed God, politics, while watching Fox News…Shannon Bream and Tucker Carlson…tired, relaxed, a full belly, I opted to get some rest. Cornell assisted me in hooking-up the RV’s electrical system to their home’s outdoor outlet. Sylvia and Rodica were setting on the back patio catching-up on family…Sylvia opted to sleep in the comfy bed offered her in Rodica’s home…I opted to take our six-dogs to the RV and sleep there. I simply could NOT, in good conscience, allow our dogs into Rodica’s BEAUTIFUL home…spotless…the floors were new wood…spotless…so the seven-dogs (me included) slept well in the RV with a floor fan and intermittent air conditioning in the RV. 

Rocica’s home and our “home” in Peoria, NM

I woke-up at 5AM as we’re now two-hours behind my Arkansas/Texas timezone…the Sun was already shining in Peoria…a beautiful morning; so then, I took the dogs out to take care of their business, one-at-a-time, they were quiet, cooperative, disciplined…I was thankful for that…the neighborhood was quiet. Layla had to poop on a neighbor’s driveway so after everyone did their business, I secured a plastic bag, a rubber glove, and performed my duties as a pooper-scooper; I policed Layla’s mess…then entered Rodica’s backyard and policed the poop left by our “hairy children” the evening before. Having placed the dung into the trash, I entered the RV, washed-up and made myself some coffee; apparently, Sylvia and family are still sleeping. 

Not sure how long we will remain in Peoria. I truly enjoy it here with Rodica and Cornell…they’re both so kind and inviting…but presently, the objective (personally) is to proceed west into Nevada and look at some property in “Hawthorne” near the California State-line. I don’t know why but I feel drawn to Hawthorne; perhaps, due to Hawthorne’s proximity to Bridgeport, CA where I was trained in mountain warfare by the Marine Corp Infantry some forty-four years ago…I’m drawn to Hawthorne and need to see what the area offers for the money. I’m also concerned by how quickly property is being bought-up by people fleeing the liberal idiocy of California, New York and other Democrat strongholds that are exercising tyranny over their citizenry. So then, I’ll wait for my beautiful Wife to wake-up…she’s supposed to come wake me up 🙂 but all of us eagerly await her pretty presence. By-the-way…did I mentioned how beautiful the mountains in Arizona are? My advice, don’t pass into the next world without experiencing the incredible beauty of God’s handiwork that is, America!

We had a wonderful day with Rodica and Cornel, great company…wonderful food (cabbage rolls – some the best I’ve ever tasted); later, we visited Danial and Lavian, their children…wonderful people, wonderful family…impressive. Subsequent to our visit, I headed to the bed with the dogs…mom and Rodica talked into the night.

5-26-2021 (Wednesday) (Peoria, Arizona)

Another beautiful morning in Arizona. Mom slept in Rodica’s home…I slept with the dogs in our RV. I got up around 5AM and took the dogs out to do their business and sat with them in the backyard until the family was ready for a new day. We’re beginning the day with a good cup of coffee, a discussion around the table…our favorite vacation areas.

We had the pleasure of visiting with Romeo and his wife, Jennifer, their beautiful children. Great conversation with fabulous Romanian cabbage rolls, soup, homemade bread. Very proud of this family and their commitment to our Lord.

Later, a sweet lady visited and took PePe as a possible adoption…PePe is presently at her home with another small dog about his size and the adoption process is underway; that is, if PePe, his cute four-legged partner, the owner, find peace together.

Another very nice couple, husband and wife, are interested in adopting Finn. They also visited today and expressed intentions to provide Finn a loving home. We will see.

The day ended with great conversation between Rodica, Sylvia, myself…I headed to bed in the RV with our dogs; Mom headed to bed in the house…a beautiful night in Arizona, the Moon is full, the air is cooling down, humidity is almost completely absent. Goodnight.

May 27, 2021 (Thursday) (Arizona)

I was awakened this morning around 5:15AM by “Rocket Mortgage” who was following-up on an inquiry I had made online last night on behalf of a family member. Subsequent to that phone call, I opted to take the dogs out to do their business, took out the trash for Rodica and made me a cup of coffee in the RV. Soon, Sylvia greeted me and we walked the dogs to Rodica’s backyard, I performed the pooper-scooper duties, made coffee, computer time…Rodica just got up…we’ll begin another beautiful day in the great State of Arizona.

May 28, 2021 (Friday) (Arizona)

I took Finn and Duke for a jog this morning around 8AM before the Arizona Sun began to heat the Earth close to 100-degrees. Today, we drove to Prescott, AZ and enjoyed the afternoon with family at the lake and ended that get-away with dinner in a cafe, hamburgers, in Prescott, Downtown, the former Capital of Arizona. All-in-all, a beautiful day with a beautiful family.

May 29, 2021 (Saturday) (Arizona)

I got up around 6:15 this morning, freed the dogs from the RV and secured them in Rodica’s backyard. Subsequent to picking-up the poop duty, Sylvia unlocked the side door and I prepared coffee for the two of us. The lady that adopted PePe on a trial basis is supposed to return PePe today at 10AM stating that PePe is dominating her puppy; therefore, the adoption will not work out. I hope to take Sylvia and Rodica to breakfast this Saturday morning after PePe is returned.

Later, Rodica, Sylvia and I went to Cracker Barrel and consumed a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, bacon, hash browns, coffee. Subsequent to returning from breakfast, Sylvia and I drove to an area RV service center in Peoria and emptied our black and gray water then headed to Walmart from some supplies and onto Sam’s for $2:85 a gallon…not cheap but the best in the area this Memorial Day weekend…thanks Joe Biden, you communist.

This evening, family visited Rodica’s for pulled pork, BBQ, salad. A wonderful visit and finally, time for bed. Goodnight.

May 30, 2021 (Sunday) (Peoria, NM)

I woke up around 6AM, dressed, texted Sylvia who opened the side door for me to enter Rodica’s home. When I opened the door to allow the fur-babies to exit the RV, PePe ran directly over to a neighbor’s home who only had the screen securing the front door. A very large dog just inside the screen door was waiting for PePe and a huge bark sound throughout the neighborhood…I spanked PePe and escorted him and the others to their rightful place in Rodica’s backyard. A young couple is supposed to arrive at the house today “after church” to take custody of Finn…we will see. For now, Sylvia and I are drinking our coffee and catching-up on social media…Rodica is sleeping but Finn continues to bark at people and noises around the perimeter of the home…Rodica’s home is next a busy parkway and traffic is beginning to flow this early Sunday morning.

I am ashamed to say that I won’t be attending a Church this morning, no excuses. I may take Duke and Finn for a jog before the temp’s rise to levels that make running unlikely.

This afternoon, family drove to Scottsdale, AZ and enjoyed the upper-scale stores and restaurants in this beautiful area. Sylvia and I enjoyed a delicious hamburger at the “Shake-Shack”…the children played in the water park as mist emitters cooled the crowds of people. We returned home at approximately 8PM and in an hour or two, I’ll probably retire to the RV for the night. BTW: Finn was adopted today by a very sweet couple with their daughter. May Finn and this family enjoy many years of happiness together.

Scottsdale, AZ

May 31, 20201 (Monday – Memorial Day) (Peoria, AZ)

I woke up around 6AM and texted my beautiful wife to open the side door to Rodica’s home. I escorted the fur-babies into the backyard, Layla would NOT follow me to the gate so she had to be carried…Layla preferred the RV. Anyway, the dogs have been watered, the poop cleaned, coffee made and another beautiful morning in Arizona. Cornel slept on Rodica’s couch last night and we had a good conversation this morning about eschatology, medications he is presently taking subsequent to his surgery. Hopefully, breakfast will be forthcoming. Also, this morning I received a text from the lady who adopted Finn stating that she had completed her first run with Finn on a leash…he looked happy.

We accompanied Rodica and Cornell to “Sams” today and assisted Rodica in purchasing a laptop computer. Mom purchased some clothing for our RV adventure and food/coffee to help-out Rodica who has been providing for us over the previous week. Later, Rodica drove us to Danny and Lavi’s home to celebrate the Memorial Day Holiday…incredible food – mici, chicken, fajitas, beans/rice, pound cake, brewed coffee. A beautiful family. Goodnight.

June 1, 2021 (Monday) (Peoria, NM)

Well, a change…I actually slept in a house on a concrete foundation last night as opposed to tires. Rodica made it clear that since Finn had been re-homed and the barking was reduced significantly, I should sleep in the bed with my wife; actually, that sounded wonderful; so then, I did…a quiet night with my bride…yes! Today, Syliva and I got up around 6:30AM, I prepared coffee for us while Rodica remains fast asleep. I hear the traffic outside on the busy roadway adjacent to the kitchen window, it’s the beginning of a new work week for many subsequent to a long holiday weekend; as for me, I’ll do my best at bumming around on the computer and maybe go for a jog after coffee and servicing my fur-babies. Sylvia and I are interested in possibly using our RV as an advertising vessel…a “wrap” application that allows a business to advertise their product. Just a thought. Sylvia told me last night that she plans to contact a couple of local businesses in Arizona that do the wrapping on motor vehicles to see if they’re aware of any business, corporation, seeking such advertisement.

Unfortunately, the “wrap” companies Mom called today advised that RV advertisement was a thing of the past; so then, no advertisements for us. The day was beautiful at Rodica’s…I turned-in early at about 9:30PM, Mom joined me later.

June 2, 2021 (Wednesday) (Peoria to Kingman, AZ)

Sylvia and got up this morning around 6:45AM. I prepared coffee while Sylvia began preparing for the road…we’re leaving this morning subsequent to having a wonderful week at Rodica’s home. It’s not good to impose upon family members for too long as even the Scriptures warn against this. I love Rodica and her family…I felt at home and loved and cared for; actually, Sylvia and I had to slow them down as they were insistent on taking us to tour popular spots in Arizona even after having toured Prescott and Scottsdale…this family eats together, travels together, whenever possible. 

Subsequent to preparing the RV for departure and policing after the dogs, breakfast and coffee…we headed out toward Kingman, AZ on Grand to Hwy 60 to 93 to I-40. Arizona’s Hwy 93 is a rather mountainous route and worked the RV pretty hard. There are some beautiful mountains and valleys along the route to I-40. We arrived in Kingman around 1:30PM, I was surprised at the size of the municipality and the amount of traffic. WE found a Golden Corral in Kingman and subsequent to letting the dogs out to pee, I turned on the generator/cabin air conditioner and Sylvia and I took time to eat a good meal consisting of fried fish, beans, vegetables, mac and cheese. 

As we left the restaurant and turned west on I-40, I spotted another sign pointing to Route 66…we opted to take it and I’m VERY glad we did. Route 66 (Oatman Hwy) is probably the prettiest scenery I’ve seen since leaving Arkansas. Incredible views of mountains and valleys and washes and a twisty-tight road…the wild donkey’s in the area hung around the roadway, probably to get fed and get fed they did by MaMa Sylvia. Approximately 30-miles east of the Nevada State Line, we pulled off the road into a gravel area offering a beautiful view of the mountains and valley below…this is where we will boon-dock tonight; hopefully, without interruptions; unfortunately, it’s approximately 104-105-degrees right now, the dogs are suffering but I positioned the RV for shade from the setting-Sun…hopefully this desert cools somewhat in the late evening. 

FB Video: Mohave Valley west of Oatman, Boon-docking site for the night,

June 3, 2021 (Thursday) Mohave Valley (Oatman, Arizona)

Sylvia is simply NOT a rough-it-out boon-docking lady…she enjoys her air that is conditioned to 65 – 70 degrees; so then, I activated the generator and air conditioner for the first-half of the night. At 0-dark-thirty I got up and turned off the generator and opened the bed and table top window…the mild night wind blew through the cabin with ease, the desert was very quiet and sleep continued until about 530AM…Mom and I got up, the Sun attempting to climb above the mountains in the East…Mom allowed the dogs to go pee and I prepared coffee. I put the chairs out for morning coffee while the dogs lounged around on and off the blanket spread out on the desert floor. Mom filmed a brief video for WhatsUP and subsequent to a walk with the dogs, we prepared the RV for the road.

Proceeding west on Route 66, we entered the small town of Topoc near the Colorado River. The desert area on Route 66 between Oatman and Topoc is an off-road paradise for four-wheelers, motorcycles, trials-bikes. This area is simply beautiful and almost completely unoccupied, at least it was during our boon-docking experience. Charles, you and Luke would love riding four-wheelers/dirt bikes here.

I was fully expecting to see an “Entering Nevada” sign at the Colorado River but instead I passed a “California” State-line sign…I immediately pulled over into a parking lot off of I-40 to take a look at the map and get oriented. I noticed that I would have to proceed on I-40 to Needles, CA and access Hwy 95 North to Las Vegas to enter Nevada. In Needles, we pulled into the commercial vehicle parking lot adjacent to a Roadway and Quality Inn along with a McDonald’s; Mom entered McDonald’s and purchased us a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage and potato’s…and of course, a large coffee. I turned on the generator and air conditioner as the desert heat was rising and Mom was not happy with the cabin temperature. Mom is currently letting the dogs pee and we will be on our way to Nevada shortly. Governor Gavin New-scum’s gas is $4.99 in California at Needles…I still have over 300-miles of fuel left according to the vehicle’s computer…we will continue well into Nevada and hope the fuel prices lower significantly.

The drive NB on Hwy 95 was enjoyable, especially as we exited California and entered Nevada; the roadway smoothed-out significantly, the desert terrain began to change as did the mountain ranges. The area felt more desolate, the mountains in the distance were almost barren, but beautiful. About an hour before entering the Las Vegas area on 95, we observed an incredibly large solar panel farm on the west side of the Highway. This solar farm, called the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, stretched for miles and miles with high-tension/high-voltage wires leading north and south. Apparently, our government is serious about “green” energy, see:


We entered Las Vegas around noon and operating the RV through that traffic reminded me of my days on I-10 in Houston. Though the computer showed another couple-of-hundred-miles on the fuel range, I asked Sylvia to check fuel prices at Sam’s Club seeing that fuel was running in the mid-three-dollar range at the local gas stations. Sure enough, Sam’s was advertising gas for $2.98…not good but better than the average around town so we headed to the nearest Sam’s…but…having negotiated a lot of traffic, as I approached the fueling area I was trapped by a semi-truck that had backed-up into the Sam’s tire installation area and was off-loading tires. Traffic began to back up behind me but there was simply no room between the truck-tractor and the curb to pass and to make matters worse, this particular Sam’s was almost as high on their fuel as the gas stations I had passed in number; so then, I exited the RV and asked how much longer the truck would be blocking the driveway…I was told by an employee, “A long time.” I advised him that I needed someone to stop the traffic behind me and allow me to back up and exit the area, he cooperated.

Sylvia then located another Sam’s that was, in fact, selling fuel for $2.98 so we headed there…subsequent to fighting more traffic, when we arrived at this Sam’s, the fueling area was WAY across a busy parking lot…we endured…we navigated…we arrived to fine lines of vehicles waiting for fuel. I opted to get into the line with all of the auto’s….and we waited and we waited; finally, working the RV up to the pumps, I opted to use mom’s Sam’s card and our credit card since the debit tends to cut me off at a certain point before the RV is filled. I was able to put $100.00 worth of fuel into the tank when the card cut me off. Then, exiting the fueling station, the exit to the right was blocked by construction which required that I turn left…there was not sufficient room to turn the RV to the left without at least a two-point maneuver. As I entered the turn and maximized my radius, I backed slightly and was ready to proceed forward when an idiot squeezed in to my left and passed me…had I accelerated, there would have possibly been problems. Anyway, we fueled and opted to enter Sam’s to check on their phones and investigate some options relevant to a “hot spot” application with sufficient gigs for our purposes while boon-docking.

Mom was sure that there was a Verizon rep in Sam’s; unfortunately, AT&T had replaced Verizon and we received the hard-sale from the female representative that assured us she could provide the best deal. Mom was not convinced; therefore, we proceeded to Walmart which was positioned next-door to the Sam’s. There was only ONE phone representative in the Walmart; therefore, we waited and we waited and we waited and we waited until finally she offered to multi-task us into the line. We explained our problems with Verizon and our desire for a phone-plan that included sufficient gigs to make a “hot spot” viable. We talked, she talked, we talked, she talked…then we opted to go with AT&T and a new phone for me. Unlimited text, data, 60-gigs of hot spot. The Walmart rep initiated a financial contract with AT&T and had me type-in my social security number while the computer masked the actual numbers. After some 20-30-minutes, AT&T said the social security provided belonged to a dead person and from that point forward, AT&T would not talk to me, AT&T via Walmart, did not check to confirm the social entered was correct. This process probably took 1.5-2.0-hours in Walmart with no avail…I became politely irritated….Mom became angry…the dog’s were locked in the RV in the parking lot of Sam’s, generator and cabin air conditioner running, the temperatures in Las Vegas ranged from 102 to 115 degrees; so then, hungry…no afternoon coffee…we angrily exited the Walmart and drove to the nearest AT&T store. Upon arrival, we met with a female sales representative that was relatively new at the job but we conjured up patience as this rep had direct access with AT&T Corporate as opposed to the impotent Walmart rep who was 3rd-party at best.

We spent approximately another 1.5-hours in AT&T. First of all, AT&T would not accept my paper temporary license from Texas; so then, I had to return to the RV and locate my Passport. Once the correct name and social security were submitted to AT&T Corporate, all was approved and we opted to go with the “elite” (I think) plan which provides unlimited text/talk/data and 30-gigs of hot spot per phone. With my military discount, we will pay around $113.00 dollars-a-month after the first-month’s rip-off for activation fees, unwanted insurance and such nonsense. Being cheap, I opted to keep my old phone as my mobile WiFi hot spot and Sylvia also kept her phone.

Having spend most of the afternoon chasing after a new phone service provider and hot spot options, mom wanted to drive down the Vegas Strip so we followed the GPS to Harrah’s Casino…fighting traffic…we worked our way through the narrow streets, the crowds, the noise, and opted to head toward Reno on Hwy 95. Working our way out of Las Vegas, finding Hwy 95 toward Reno, we drove for hours and there were very few options for services, parking, boon-docking. Interesting though, Area 51 was strung along the eastern side of “Alien Highway” (Hwy 95), I was pleased that mom finally had the opportunity to experience this controversial area as Roswell, NM had been a disappointment; finally, we entered into a small municipality called “Indian Springs.” The Town was most consumed by an “Air Force Base” that was highly secured at which time I noticed that a drone was being tested for departure and approach while military helicopters operated dangerously close to the approach end of the runway. I believe the name of the AFB was “Creech”…the spelling requires verification.

Sylvia opted to shop at a Dollar Store in Indian Springs and purchased some milk and tuna, bread, to get-us-by while boon-docking. An employee in the Dollar Store advised Sylvia that a Kip’s Big Boy Restaurant was next door inside the casino…we headed over and entered but discovered the Restaurant had closed at 7PM…it was now about 8PM…MOM WAS UPSET. I almost opted to stay the night in Indian Springs but decided to continue north on Hwy 95…and…there was NOTHING and nowhere acceptable to park for boon-docking…it was getting dark, I was tired from a lack of sleep the previous night…we drove and drove and drove in the darkness. A semi-truck and trailer attempted to pass us on the Highway but could not pass me in sufficient time as another vehicle approached from the north…I observed the truck’s rear tandem lock up, smoke from the tires…the driver was able to pull right before a head-on collision in the middle of nowhere. This is the second instance of a near head-on collision, the other one took place in Arizona where the idiot pushed cars to the shoulder as he passed. I don’t like most people!

Not wanting to drive much more for the evening, we took the exit to an area called “Mercury” and the street sign had attached in large lettering “NO SERVICES.” I was NOT concerned about “services”…I simply wanted some rest…we took the exit and found ourselves almost entering a “restricted area”….the warning looked ominous and not wanting to mess with Area 51 and military police, we immediately made a three-point turn around and headed north on Hwy 95. Finally, in the dark, we opted to pull into a short gravel driveway with a gated fence and some sort of faded notice…who cared at that point…I needed to rest. We serviced the dogs and mom made us some tuna sandwiches, chips and I drank a mix (juice and water). Subsequent to brushing our teeth, we headed to bed, generator on-air on.

June 4, 2021 (Friday) (Hwy 90 N of Las Vegas)

I woke-up at zero-dark-thirty and turned-off the generator; by that time, the OAT had moderated somewhat and the morning’s rest was pleasant. We got up somewhere around 6AM, watered and serviced the dogs in the sandy soil outside. I checked the oil-level on the generator, started the generator and prepared coffee while mom prepared us a delicious breakfast of quesadillas, egg/cheese.

We closed up camp and after a check of the RV, we headed north on Hwy 95 and believe it or not, approximately one-mile north was a nice little town (no name) with an RV Park, ample parking for boon-docking, a brothel for “resting.” Mom and I entered into the Alien Store and mom purchased some memorabilia. I had an interesting discussion with a couple of seasoned motorcyclist’s from Boston who where in the midst of an 8000-mile journey riding Honda ST-1300’s. One of the motorcyclist’s said he found his 1300 in a crate for 9k as the motorcycles were allotted to be police bikes but they were never purchased; therefore, they sat in crates for years…he purchased two.

Finally, mom and I opted to head north on 95 and drove through the municipality of Beatty (nice but expensive property), Scotty’s Junction (not much there), Goldfield, and presently we’re in Tonopah. We stopped in Tonopah because a casino there had a Kip’s Big Boy statue out front and mom was wanting an ice cream shake; unfortunately, there was no Kip’s Big Boy…just a casino restaurant and bar…so we returned to the RV, I prepared coffee, typed the day’s narrative while mom searched for property in the area along Hwy 95.

In Tonopah, Sylvia and I opted to try some Mexican food at El Marques. The food was pretty good; I ate cheese enchiladas and Syliva ate some chicken enchiladas, both with rice and beans…plenty of thick chips and hot sauce. Unfortunately, I had to pay $3.79 for fuel…thank you Joe Biden, you stinking communist environmental puppet…at a Valero station near the restaurant, I put $60.00 cash in fuel to get us on down the road. Fuel prices are beginning to concern me. 

We proceeded northwest on Hwy 95, the roadway was incredibly WINDY in the desert…it was a challenge maintaining control of the RV…I was a little concerned. Rain threatened in a few areas but the cross winds and dust storms were my primary concern traversing the Monte Cristo Mountain Range. Well before dark, we approached the town of Hawthorne which is home to the Hawthorne Army Depot…a HUGE ammo dump facility stretching for MILES…bunkers galore. Passing through Hawthorne, we approached Walker Lake and found the area to be beautiful, quaint, as it is nestled in a mountain range, sheer jagged cliffs protecting a beautiful blue-water lake. 

Driving around the Walker Lake area to investigate the possibility of boon-docking there, we located a construction area that is being developed for real estate, individual lots near the lake. I was apprehensive to park there and boon-dock not knowing what security existed and whether or not an RV would be allowed in the development. Moving north through the area and Hwy 95, we located a park where some RV’s were positioned facing the lake…searching the area and talking with an RV owner there, we discovered the park was free and welcomed RV’s…so we took advantage of the opportunity and backed into a gravel parking area for the night. Sylvia walked the dogs to the lake and allowed them play for a while…I met here there…we returned to the RV at dusk and fed, watered, the fur-babies, lawn chairs put outside and a beautiful sunset viewed. The overnight hours were comfortable though initially HOT in the RV; we elected to not run the generator, opened the windows, went to bed; overnight, the temps dropped significantly and the cool breeze blowing inland from the lake was VERY comfortable. 

June 5, 2021 (Saturday) (Walker Lake, Nevada)

We woke up around 5:30AM…sunrise was fast approaching, the dogs were up and wanting to pee…so then, a new day…coffee…a wonderful conversation with Charlie in Scotland…some computer time…the awning is now extended…mom is feeding the fur-babies outside…our neighbor is driving around slowly in their Razor and I understand the beech will host a large party today…should be interesting. If all goes well, we will remain here for the weekend. I had to place mom’s phone of the roof of the RV in order to attain a hot-spot connection…I’m afraid the phone is probably just about out of juice…I’ll end this for now. 

This morning, subsequent to coffee and mom’s shower, we opted to go and investigate the property for sale adjacent to the location of our RV…no response from the the real estate agent. We then walked with Duke to the only “store” in the vicinity of Walker Lake; I sat outside with Duke while mom went inside to purchase some groceries. I listened-in on a conversation between some folks (man and wife) from California and locals from Nevada …they are angry about Biden; the Keystone Pipe Line and Warren Buffet; gas prices; communists in our schools; the deception of our children in socialism…on and on…I just smiled in agreement. Mom exited the store stating they had no groceries of any use to us so we returned to the RV, mom prepared some hot-dogs with chili and we ate till bloated.

I had originally positioned the RV backed-in a gravel parking site and attempted to level the RV using leveling blocks…but…this morning I turned the RV around and used the blocks on the rear-wheels…we’re now about level…much better.

Mom is currently under the awning watching for critters and people…the dog’s followed me into the RV…they left the outside to come back inside while I type this narrative. The temperature is rising, the dogs are panting, we’re getting low on water, mom is now reaching for a tub of ice cream. BTW, besides the chipmunks and lizards running around, about an hour ago, we saw a long, 4-to-5 foot snake, tan in color, slither across the sand near the awning…he paid us no attention…he had my full attention; fortunately, the dogs did not see him. Anyway, signal/hot spot/Internet connection is sporadic here…I’ll see if I can update now…multiple fails this morning.

It almost 5PM on the beach of Walker Lake; Sylvia, Duke, PePe and I just returned from a swim in the cool-salt water. Both Duke and PePe are quite the swimmers. I had to be concerned about a sunburn seeing that skin-cancer is an ever present danger…but what the heck, I sprayed before we left but the swim and trip home may have left me a little “red.” I’ve not bathed for four-days so the water felt especially good, even if salty…subsequent to our swim and walk on the rocky beach, we returned to the RV and I actually took a very quick show and shave to wash-off what the salt water had failed to remove…how nice it is to be “clean.” Sylvia said we’re down to three-forth’s on our fresh water storage…that’s OK for now. So the dogs are passed-out, mom’s downloading some photo’s to her computer; I almost forgot to mention that we actually had the mountain goats walk by our RV earlier today, en mass…they are BIG goats…kind of reminded of Arkansas’ deer population…there were babies in the group…mom was thrilled. Presently, we sitting around in the air conditioning on our computers…I’m also staring out the window at that beautiful lake…nice.

June 6, 2021 (Sunday) (Walker Lake, NV)

We woke up this morning around 6AM…the dogs were ready to go outside as the Nevada Sun was up and shining through the open windows of the RV. We initiated our sleep last night with the generator on-air on as the Nevada heat defied the cool breeze blowing west from Walker Lake; in fact, some of the wind currents were incredibly STRONG and blew chairs over, trash across the ground, at alarming speed. Sylvia gave-up on the evening outing and entered the RV in fear of the high winds, I soon followed and readied for bed.

This morning, I prepared coffee for mom and I…I then went for a jog with PePe and Duke…a nice run uphill to the main road then along the water frontage. When I returned, mom and I opted to hike up the hillside lining Hwy 95; we entered a cave that is neatly positioned in the mountain that lines the roadway to the west. The mountain goats were atop the mountains and ready to descend for food and water. Returning to the RV and the barking dogs, I opted to do some theology defense on FB and update our diary…the weather here is beautiful.

We’re running low on water, propane, creamers, wipes, food and so on. Mom was obviously getting hungry without a good breakfast so we opted to secure the dogs in the RV…except Duke…and walk toward a “store” positioned on Hwy 95 near the entrance to Walker Lake Park. With Duke on a leash, we initially surveyed the vacant lots, some prepared for RV’s with hook-ups; immediately south of the Park…we observed a lady working in her garage in one of the few homes in the area and we approached her to inquire about the property and life, in general, at Walker Lake. She was probably in her 70’s and very fit, proper, educated, polite, conservative, kind…she and her husband have lived in this present location for some 31-years…she said she loves it, the winters are fairly mild, they’re currently experiencing a drought…so the lake water level is low…groceries can be purchased in Hawthorne…their governor is a loser and wants to close private area clinics…medical is available in Hawthorne but there are no physicians there, just PA’s…who are good and will refer you to a specialist if they’re unable to diagnose and treat a specific medical condition…medicare/medicaid is accepted. Sylvia provided the lady with our phone number and the lady said she would contact us if any information concerning the properties was forthcoming.

Subsequent to our conversation with the area homeowner, we walked up the hill to the restaurant/partial convenience store where mom ordered a hamburger and fries, I ate a chicken sandwich, both were very good and filling. Duke laid at my feet while we ate. We then walked back to the RV and spent the afternoon relaxing, typing, walking the dogs, chasing the shade around the RV…the group of party-goers who had flocked to the beech area Saturday were leaving the Park and by Sunday afternoon, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Night time rolled around accompanied by a very beautiful Sun setting over the mountain range immediately to our northwest…Mom prepared us some chicken salad…delicious, with crackers…we ate and serviced the dogs again…relaxed outside until Mom was ready to enter the RV for the night. The wind here, especially in the evenings, is terrible…the gusts are almost hurricane strength…one gust right at dusk was so strong that Mom yelled from the bathroom in fear…the RV felt as if it would overturn…then, the winds dissipated…mom fell asleep and I accompanied her…the temperatures lowered from 95 degrees to the 50’s-lower 60’s overnight…very comfortable, windows open…a good nights rest.

June 7, 2021 (Monday) (Walker Lake Park)

We woke up around 5:50AM, Mom immediately began feeding and watering the dogs outside the RV…I got up to assist her and prepare coffee. Though we’re running low on supplies, I would like to eke-out another day here at Walker Lake…we have the entire Park to ourselves…the weather is beautiful…but Mom seems to want to move on down the road…she has walked to shoreline to take some photo’s…it’s currently 7:01AM…we will see how the day goes…

Well, Sylvia felt it necessary to move-on down the road as opposed to garnering some supplies and remaining at Walker Lake until Friday. I’m angry about the decision as I understand the necessity of sitting in one place for a week or two when conditions are acceptable; Walker Lake is a virtual paradise and we’re alone here for the most part…the wise move would be to head back to Hawthorne, refuel, purchase necessities, return to Walker Lake’s various camping facilities and park by the Lake for a week…relax…allow the dogs to get out of the RV…chill…but my Wife has not internalized the concept of living in a RV full time…we simply cannot stay on the road and make this work…fuel, maintenance, safety on the road…pushing the limits…this is NOT financially wise for the long haul. Yes, Sylvia wants to view some properties; personally, I’m not concerned, the properties will be there or they’ll be gone…I don’t care. Mom is having some difficulties “doing nothing”…she’s not wired that way. I hope this inability to relax does not ruin our RV Adventure; as for me, I could it outside the RV on the shores of Walker Lake for another month…drink coffee…blog…defend the Gospel on FB…jog…walk with the dogs…relax…that is how RV-life is meant to be…not on the road continually.

Currently, we’ve entered into a small municipality, possibly “Yerington,” NV and Mom has entered a Raley’s Grocery to purchase needed supplies. The lowest gas price in the area is $3.30 to $3.39…we’ll try to locate that fueling station once we leave the grocery store…maybe McDonald’s en route to the station would be nice…I see one down the street. For now, me and the fur-babies are sitting in the RV waiting on Mom…my frustration over leaving Walker Lake will surely subside…more later if my Lord wills….

6-7-2021 (Tuesday) (Humboldt Toyabe National Forest – Northern Nevada/Hwy 95)

I don’t have any cell service in this massive National Park -incredibly beautiful rolling hills adjacent to Hwy 95, a small gate leading into a vast wilderness that gives-way to a beautiful mountain canyon dirt road in the Santa Rosa Mountain Range…a mountain range that stretches N-S on the east side of Hwy 95 in Nevada as one approaches the State-line of Oregon. 

I will end the 7th day of June (Monday) in this segment as I’m unable to access the Internet/Wordpress that houses our RV Diary. Yesterday, having regrettably left Walker Lake, we proceed NB on Hwy 95 to Schurz and we were halted by road construction on Hwy 95 proper; therefore, we opted to take Hwy 95 ALT toward Yerington…a nice/quaint town where we located a Riley’s Grocery. Mom entered the store and purchased much needed supplies for the road; we then drove across the parking lot to McDonald’s and Mom purchased me a “double Quarter Pounder w/cheese” and a Big Mac – fries for herself. I drank a large McDonald’s coffee with my meal while Mom opted for a Coke-Icee. I took the puppies out to pee and we then proceeded to a Dollar Store adjacent to the Riley’s Grocery where Mom found wipes and a few other things for the road. 

Needing fuel, Mom searched the fuel app for the lowest prices in the area…fuel has become a major expense due the communist in the Oval Office and his idiotic policy of ending the Key Stone and selling his perverted soul to Warren Buffet. Mom located a filling-station/store in the country side north of Yerington on Hwy 95. At $3:39 for fuel, I used the Mastercard to purchase $100.00 worth (max allowed by MC) then the debit card to purchase an additional $29.95 which filled the tank…OUCH!!! We then proceeded NB on Hwy 95 toward Fenley/I-80…the winds increased once again and driving was hazardous in the flat-sided RV…the sides of the RV resemble an airfoil that interacts with wind in a precarious manner as they slide perpendicular across the airflow…driving the RV in these incredible cross-winds is a challenge.

Eastbound on I-80 (actually NE bound) toward Winnemucca, Nevada, the Interstate was pleasantly smooth, well maintained, 80MPH speed limit…I generally drive between 55-63-MPH…old and slow and careful for the old man…we’re in no hurry. The scenery on I-80, beautiful views of a white sandy desert with interspersed greenery growing on the huge mountains made for a very pleasant drive. We stopped in Lovelock to view some property; Mom discussed the particulars with the owner on the phone; unfortunately, once again, the property could only be accessed by a four-wheel drive vehicle…so once again, property viewing was a no-go. 

Arriving in Winnemucca, we found the municipality to be beauiful, clean…Mom called a real estate agent concerning a number of properities in the area surrounded by BLM land. Once again, the land was relatively cheap because there was no easy access, BLM authorization was required, four-wheel vehicle was mandated…so another no-go for us and the RV. While in Winnemucca, Mom located a dump-site for our gray/black water at a local “Maverick” convenience store/filling station but their potable water was declared “unsafe”…we dumped but no water for our fresh tank. I topped-off the fuel at Maverick, $56.00 till full. Our fresh water tank was in need…so Mom found a Pilot Truck Stop nearby on I-80; we proceeded there and met with a manager who was extremely helpful and informative. Pilot offered fuel, potable water, a dump station, propane. Our propane on-board was low so we filled-up the tank and filled the fresh water tank with potable water sufficiently safe-clean for rinsing, washing. 

With no properities to view, we opted to proceed NB on Hwy 95 from I-80 through “The Dunes”…a large area inundated with mountains that looked as if they were made of pure beach sand…the wind was really blowing strong, crosswind gusts from west to east/variable…the RV was being pushed around like a toy…two-handed steering for sure…the steering wheel was canted so far left in order to maintain lane orientation that it looked like I should be negotiating a shallow left turn.

As we proceeded NB on Hwy 95, we then entered the Santa Rosa Mountain Range…INCREDIBLY beautiful mountains, especially on the east side of Hwy 95.  We were in need of a boon-docking location; preferably, one that could be enjoyed for an extended period of time…transportation costs mandated us sitting when possible. Mom located the Humboldt Toyabe National Forest on her phone…somewhere near the small town of Orovada, NV. The Sun was giving-way to the mountains and darkness was creeping upon us…we drove and drove and drove…I was intently looking for a place to pull-over for the night…yet we continue to drive in the desolate mountain terrain in hopes of locating the entrance to the National Park. Mom said that we should look for a road labeled either Canyon or Buckskin…I thought surely we would see a National Forest sign on the Hwy…finally, a sign noting “Wildlife Viewing Area”…National Forest appeared near a small gate allowing access to untold thousands/millions of acres of rolling hills, mountains, inundated with sage brush…the road was LONG, gravel, well-maintained…desolate…we were completely alone and cell-service finally disappeared in the encroaching darkness…we crossed a small stream and finally entered the canyon area subsequent to maybe 45-minutes of navigating the gravel one-lane road through cattle herds and fencing. 

Cautiously, I entered the canyon, mountains surrounding us…we drove down, we drove up…the road was often times precariously bordered by steep sides that if we had missed the line of tire trails ahead…we would be in serious trouble. We drove approximately two-to-three miles into the canyon that continued to who knows where…there were some huge cricket type creatures slithering across the canyon road en mass…I later learned from a local that these are called “Mormon Crickets” but they look like a hybrid between a Texas cockroach and a cricket…Mom freaked-out…coupled with the intermittent steep drop-off on her side and the creepy crawling creatures inundating the roadway…she was hilariously frantic. Concerned about the RV, the narrow canyon road…minimal places to turn around…the skies looking like a chance of rain…I opted to maneuver the RV back and forth to turn around and head back to the canyon entrance, at least for the night…when I exited the canyon, we noticed a gravel pad that apparently had been used by miners in the distant past as their rusted mining equipment lay in the area. I parked on the pad…the on-board levels showed we were acceptably level…so we parked and prepared for a nights rest…the temperatures were cool in the dark desert and ultimately, this morning, the OAT was 51-degrees…a welcome break from the 95-115-degrees behind us in Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Mom and I woke-up around 5:30AM this morning; actually, the dogs licking…shaking…scratching…woke us up…we tried to sleep but no luck…we got up, Mom serviced the dogs, I prepared coffee…presently, Mom has just prepared a breakfast of tortillas, eggs, ham…looks good…let’s eat. It is a beautiful day, clear skies, cattle have come to check us out…cute…my God is good. 

After breakfast, a truck and animal trailer parked near our RV…Mom went out to meet with the “Cowboy” who was off-loading a beautiful horse accompanied by a Blue-Healer working dog. I went out and joined in on the conversation as the Cowboy saddled his horse and headed-off to join his family who were also pushing cattle into the canyon area. Later, these Cowboys arrived at the horse trailer and Mom and I spoke with them for approximately 30-minutes. The Dad, 59 YOA, looked like he was 35…the Dad was 6’3 tall, the son was 6’7, the daughter 6’3, the son-in-law was around 6’5..I asked if there was something in Nevada’s water causing their height…these Cowboy’s and Cowgirl…they were some tall and big people…I could envision them back in the day riding into town…

The Cowgirl spoke at length with Mom and told her that the Canyon road was acceptable for RV’s; so then, when the Cowboys and Cowgirl left to continue their daily chores, Mom and I opted to drive the mountain Canyon to the summit and then locate the camping area positioned about 30-miles away in back-country…THIS was a HUGE MISTAKE. Though the first half of the trip up the mountain was pleasant and very scenic…the last 30-miles were torture on the RV and myself…I hated the stress the gravel road put on the RV that was loaded with water, fuel…but…we survived as did the RV and presently we’re back where we started on BLM Land east of Hwy 95…this time we monitored our distance into the Government Land to make sure we had a phone signal for our computers and the ability to talk with family; unfortunately, that signal comes with the cost of a faint noise from HWY 95 about .5-miles away…Elevation at Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest was between 5000 ft to 9700 ft, beautiful. If I get my way, we will probably stay in this HUGE field bordered by beautiful mountains until Friday or Saturday; then, we will probably head into Oregon to visit with family.

This evening, Mom and I ate some chicken strips she purchased at a Sinclair Fuel Station I stopped at subsequent to exiting the National Forest. I opted to top-off the fuel and we purchased a case of water for boon-docking the remainder of this week unless plans change. Subsequent to chicken strips and a tossed salad and of course, evening coffee, we took the dogs for a good walk down the gravel road leading into the canyon. The Sun was chasing the mountain tops in the west and temperatures were dropping steadily. We’re now back at the RV, typing on our computers, the dogs are passed-out around us, it’s 9:17PM and I’m comfortably tired…hope to be headed to bed around 10PM…a beautiful day with my beautiful Wife…for which I thank my Lord. Goodnight.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 (Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest)

The night air was very cool, sleep was good, we got up around 6:30AM, dressed…I took the dogs out to pee and was unaware of the sticker-burrs inundating the ground in this vast wilderness floor of sage and grass. MiMi seems to suffer the most…her paws are especially susceptible to the stickers…so we walked on the gravel road then returned to the RV where Mom was shaking the dust from blankets and making an effort to keep our home as clean as possible. I am concerned that repairs I have made recently to the mud-guards at the rear duly tires might be allowing dust to enter the cabin.

While in Arkansas, I repaired a lose mud-flap (Left side) that had rubbed against the tires and become compromised (the L-bracket corroded and broke)…it required making a new bracket and repositioning same in the fender well…two-new holes in the metal fender that was suffering from road-salt corrosion. While at Walker Lake, AZ…Sylvia noticed the right-side mud-guard was a little loose and pulling away from the attach point in the fender (no corrosion here). I made repairs to that area as well but both sides, the open holes, were never covered or filled. Is it possible that the small screw holes are compromising the integrity of the bulkhead and permitting dust to enter the cabin?

Yesterday’s “adventure,” consisting of 40-miles of gravel-dirt-DUST galore, left dust residue in the cabinet drawers under the cabin sink…I mean a lot of dust…this area is near the dully tires and fender…perhaps I’ll have to fill those screw holes with expanding foam or chalk…maybe a strong bonding tape…we will see if the holes are permitting the dust to enter or some other area is not fitting properly.

Anyway, Mom and I are charging our computers with the generator…I’m defending the Scriptures on Facebook…perhaps I’ll take the little ones for a walk and relax…I hope Mom can do the same as her nature is to be “productive.” We will see. It is a beautiful, clear, cool, morning…I am thankful!

The day progressed peacefully and I took the pup’s on several walks…run…walk (intervals) when we felt up to it. Rather ominous looking clouds moved in this afternoon and it looked like rain to our south…the forecast calls for steady rain over night into the morning hours tom…Mom is concerned that we’ll become stuck in this wilderness plateau…I’m not concerned seeing that I hope to remain here until Friday or Saturday…even if the desert floor was to turn to muck…the forecast has fair weather for Thursday afternoon through most of the week, we’re good…things will drain and dry.

I spent hours today trying to convince FB that my account had not been compromised…I was locked out of Facebook. They had an old Gmail account on file for me and I could not receive the text for my pass-code to verify my identity. I was finally successful in recovering my old account and there it was, FB’s code(s)…so I’m back on FB and hope all goes well. The winds are picking-up and the ominous looking storm clouds are draping down toward the mountains…Mom is worried/frightened. Forty-mile-an-hour winds are possible…Mom is afraid they will overturn the RV in this flat prairie absent trees or any wind block…I can’t fault her for being concerned. Anyway, we’ve eaten supper; we’ve done our walking; the dogs are getting comfortable for the evening…I’ve started the generator to charge our laptops, again…sleep may not be far away. Mom’s looking at homes for sale…it’s a rap for today. Goodnight…may my Lord keep us safe tonight should the sky become angry…the weather is concerning…

Thursday, June 10, 2021 (Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest)

RAIN-RAIN-RAIN-wind-wind-wind-snow on the mountain tops to our east …over night, but sleep was pretty good as temperatures dropped somewhere in the upper thirties here in the lower elevation – plateau. We were awakened by the dogs this morning…they needed to pee so Mom and I climbed out from beneath the covers, dressed, and began taking the fur-babies outside to the gravel road…the ground is soaked. Duke didn’t care, he just did his bathroom duty and trampled the RV with his dirty paws…Mom was not happy. Anyway, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my exceptionally BEAUTIFUL bride of 36-years…the one who makes me complete. God Bless my Wife!

I started the generator to prepare coffee this morning and Mom turned on the cabin heat to break the cold in our bones. Presently, we’re enjoying coffee at the table, Mom’s looking at homes on her computer, I’m defending the Gospel on Facebook and appreciating the beautiful view through the large side window. I miss you guys and I’m filled with pride and happiness every time I think of my children and my beautiful grandson…my beautiful daughter-in-law and handsome son-in-law…you guys are awesome! Love you all. Miss you more than you know.

The day passed too quickly. I took PePe and Duke for a run down the gravel road while Mom prepared breakfast…eggs on a hamburger bun…cheese, sauce…a yogurt…it was all delicious. After breakfast, we both played on the computers for hours; after lunch, we walked all of the fur-babies…I took four for a long walk, Mom stayed with MiMi in the vicinity of the RV while taking pictures of bird life in the area. Those ominous cloud finally passed to the northeast and gave-way to a beautiful-cool day. As I walked the dogs toward the snow-capped mountains, I had to thank my Lord for blessing me and my Wife with such beautiful scenery. I hope to remain on BLM property for another day or two before making our way to Portland, Oregon. I did not see one person on the property today…such solitude. Mom’s located some interesting properties in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington…I’m in no hurry to purchase as I’m concerned about homes being overpriced in this inflated seller’s market.

Currently, it’s 9:42PM here in Nevada, I’m just about ready for bed…the fur-babies are passed out…don’t think I’ll be far behind them. Mom looks fairly engrossed in her computer so I’ll leave her to that…I’m sleepy. Goodnight.

Friday, June 11, 2021 (Humboldt National Forest)

We woke-up at approximately 5:30AM to the sounds of dogs scratching, shaking, wanting to go pee…Mom was up first, I followed…carried MiMi to the road to avoid the grass-burrs. Entered the RV…prepared some coffee, charging the computers, defending the Gospel…Mom’s house hunting…it’s cool and partly cloudy outside; we’ve turned on the heater to break the cold in the cabin…my Lord is very good…may the day be used for His honor. I need a shower 🙂

The weather was beautiful during the day. I took the crew (minus MiMi and Mom) for a long walk toward the mountains and canyon…when I returned, Mom prepared us some tomato soup and tortillas…very good…I prepared us some coffee and we typed for a good part of the day. Mom’s still searching for properties, I’m defending the Gospel on FB…all is good.

Subsequent to supper (ramen noodles and crackers), we all went for a short walk down the road to let the fur-babies take care of their business before dark. Upon returning to the RV…the Sun setting behind the mountains, I opted to get into bed…we’re planning on leaving early in the morning and head north into Oregon toward Portland. Mom followed me to bed a little later.

Saturday, June 12, 2021 (Humboldt National Forest to Oregon)

We got up this morning at approximately 5:30AM to the sound of scratching and shaking dogs wanting to go pee; I took the dogs outside to the road while Mom prepared the cabin and trash for the road trip. We decided to skip breakfast and coffee and find some on the road…I did a careful walk-around the RV to check things out…checked the generator oil level…started the RV, moved off the leveling blocks under the L/front wheel, cleaned the windshield…we hit the road, exited the National Park/BLM onto Hwy 95N toward McDermitt, NV/OR.

The drive NB on Hwy 95 was beautiful this morning…as we entered Oregon, the roadway was not as well maintained but still nice. Passing some Antelope on the highway, Mom was in camera mode…pictures taken. We turned NW onto Hwy 78 in Burns Junction and I videoed the roadway in portions due to the beauty. I’ll have to download Movie-Maker or another program to edit and upload the videos to YouTube.

We’re currently in the City of Burns, OR where Mom located a McDonald’s…we’re parked in the parking lot along with very brave seagulls flocking to the McDonald’s hoping to get treats from passerby’s. Mom entered the McDonald’s and purchased us the breakfast platter plus some blueberry muffins, large coffees. We just finished our breakfast so I thought I would take time to catch-up on this diary. Mom has located an RV-dump site in Hines (just down the road on Hwy 20)…we hope to dump our tanks, get rid of bags of trash from the days of boon-docking on BLM land. It’s a beautiful day…almost time to hit the road.

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