Questioning God’s Motives and His Integrity…a response

Questioning God’s motives and integrity: “Is it compassionate for a father to surrender his son to crucifixion without committing a sin or a crime that deserves this punishment? How can his creation trust in him if he sacrificed the righteous innocent in order to forgive the sin of another sinner? And if the crucifixion and redemption were to forgive the sin of Adam and Eve – how would he atone for Satan’s sin?”

Christian response,

God the Father’s offering of His Son, Jesus Christ, for the atonement of our sin is the greatest act of compassion and selfless love that Eternity has ever witnessed. Jesus walked to the Cross in obedience, fully capable of rejecting the horror but chose to do so out of love for the Father and necessity of mankind’s redemption from sin; a victory over the Devil, sin, death, Hell and the grave. Please allow me to explain…

Time and length of comment prevents me from explaining in detail why God the Father has done what He has done; suffice to say that our entire creation in Time is in response to an unfathomable coup d’état that manifest in the Kingdom of God before the beginning of Time and the potential destruction of that sin mandated extrication at which time the Father commissioned the Son to create matter, Time, this Universe, our Earth as a repository for that rebellion and place same upon this Earth to be dealt with partially constrained by Time and physics (John 3:35; John 1; Hebrews 1; Colossians 1; Hebrews 11:3; 1 John 3:8b).

The entire focus of God’s Plan within the Realm of Time is centered on dealing with Satan’s rebellion, the angels that followed him in that rebellion, while simultaneously maintaining volitional love with the faithful angelic creation remaining in the Kingdom who are observing the evil of their former boss, Lucifer, and God’s selfless love in dealing with this rebellious cherub angel. The primary reason Jesus, who is God, left the Eternal Realm and entered the Realm of Time was “to destroy the works of the Devil” (1 John 3:8b) and God the Father ordained the Gospel of Jesus Christ “before the beginning of Time” (2 Timothy 1:9-10) to deal with the rebellious angels and the destructiveness of sin. Our entire creation within Time has manifest in response to Satan’s sin in the Kingdom as nothing impure is permitted to exist in God’s Kingdom (Rev. 21:27).

Elohim provides the blueprint for us concerning how He has chosen to destroy the works of the devil through selfless love beginning in Genesis 3:15 where a war between the coming Messiah born of the seed of the virgin woman is to do battle with the Devil and the Son will be victorious. Immediately following, Elohim provides a word picture in Genesis 3:21 of His battle strategy to defeat the Devil through the shedding of innocent blood and covering the sin of mankind with a “robe of righteousness” provided by God Himself while God demonstrates that mankind will be unable to atone for sin by the works of his hands as demonstrated by the fig leaves. These two-prophecies, Genesis 3:15; 3:21, were fulfilled 4000-years later at Golgotha with the words “It is finished” (John 19:30). 

In the third-chapter of Genesis, Elohim provides His entire Plan for dealing with a rebellion having manifest in the Kingdom and Elohim demonstrates that He Himself will defeat Satan through unfathomable selfless love through Messiah Jesus. Jesus is God manifest in Time through the hypostatic union of God and man (Philippians 2:6-9) through the virgin seed that permitted Messiah Jesus to circumvent the sin-nature passed through the seed of Adam (Romans 5:12). Jesus lived a righteous, sinless, life upon this Earth by keeping the Commandments and the 613-Levitical Laws in absolute perfection; something that no human being born of Adam’s seed could accomplish (John 8:46; Matthew 5:17; Romans 3:23).

Jesus’ perfection qualified Him as the only acceptable sacrifice for sin and Jesus willingly walked to the horrors of the Crucifixion for your benefit and my benefit as Jesus shed His innocent blood to destroy the works of the Devil i.e., death, Hell, the grave, for everyone who believes in Him as God and Mediator for their sins (John 3:16-18; Romans 10:9-10). God the Father has decreed by a New Covenant of Grace that anyone who believes in what Jesus did at the Cross; that is, dying for the forgiveness, atonement, for sin…that the person so believing will be forgiven of sin, past-present-future, and declared “not guilty” before the Father and they will receive the perfection, righteousness, of Jesus Christ imputed into and over their life, forever, and the redeemed will receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit who will indwell them and carefully teach them God’s Laws as written upon their heart (Jeremiah 31; Hebrews 10) and methodically walk them in the daily process of sanctification as the Spirit prepares them for service in God’s coming Kingdom, the New Jerusalem (2 Corinthians 5:21; Ephesians 1:13-14; John 14:16).

For these reasons, you can fully trust in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, that their work on your behalf has been done with selfless love for cause and your life has purpose, meaning, in both Time and Eternity. Trust in Jesus Christ, alone, and LIVE (John 14:6).

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