Example of Progressive-Secular Humanist brainwashing in America’s schools…

Example of secular humanist, progressive, brainwashing in America’s public schools: “Republicans, and especially Trump supporters ought to be the most mentally challenged, infantile and uneducated group of people ever seen, not only they managed to appreciate the backup of the most despicable collectives (KKK, white supremacists, Proud Boys, Christians nationalists, Fox News ), but they actually created a movement fueled by the worst characteristics of them all, but on steroids, inspiring a coup, and pushing beyond ridiculous beliefs to the level of “Face/off” movie plot (something ridiculous enough to not being believable even in a movie), like Qanon; and not sufficiently happy with being the laughingstock of the conspiracy theorist around the world, they are taken aback by the Dr. Seuss books situation, and they reached levels as low as to criticize Biden’s dog, how much more miserable can they be???

Patriot response,

You have suffered tremendous brainwashing and propaganda from your years in school via revisionist history, Darwin, Marx, Lenin, and you will never understand that you serve and support the Party of the KKK, bigotry, slavery, Jim Crow, socialism, communism, division, atheism, secular humanism, nihilism, abortion, sodomy, all of which will destroy America’s Constitutional Republic but you don’t know this because you’re historically and factually ignorant and you’re gone forever psychologically and irrespective of the truth given you, you will continue in robotic support of that which is not sustainable even though history has displayed the futility of your worldview again and again; you believe in such ignorant propaganda as the “Southern Strategy” and you are the enemy of all that is good, holy, sustainable, peaceful and loving; you are the enemy of the greatest Nation God has ever provided human kind, but in your world of brainwashed revisionism, you think you are wise and prudent while you cut-off your nose to spite your face. Attempting to reason with you is likened to conversing with drywall; the secular humanists, progressives, communists, have conquered America without firing a shot. You are their delight and Satan glories in your compromise with death.

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