Theological critic mocks the temptation of Jesus by the Evil One, a response…

Theological critic mocks the temptation of Jesus by the Evil One: “If Christians insist that Jesus is God, how is it possible for the Devil to take God to a very high mountain and show God all the kingdoms of the World when God is the creator of the kingdoms of the world and all that lies therein?” Matthew 4:8 & Luke 4:5

Christian response,

The Evil One formerly held a position of great authority in the throne room of God the Father (Ezekiel 28:11-17) and the relationship between the Son and this cherub angel was one of former intimacy as said angel was a special anointed creation of God. Our entire creation narrative in Time is the resultant of this anointed cherub angel’s rebellion in the Kingdom and that destructive sin having been extricated from the Kingdom (Luke 10:18) and this Earth having been created by the Son for cause with rapidity (Genesis 1; John 1; Colossians 1; Hebrews 1) and the Evil One, his demonic minions, placed here as a war between the Son and the Evil One was declared in Genesis 3:15 and the strategy the Father would use to defeat the Evil One was pictured in Genesis 3:21 (a gospel of grace involving selfless love not man’s works) and this war ultimately came to fruition 4000-years later at Mt. Golgotha with the words shouted by the Son, Jesus Christ, “It is finished.”

The relationship between the Son and the Evil One is not fully known to humanity but it’s safe to say that in Eternity there was mutual love and respect between the two until iniquity was found in the angel of light; therefore, the pride and lofty spirit of the fallen anointed angel having met with Jesus before the culmination of the war between them and then taking Jesus for a last temptation before Messiah’s ministry of victory over this fallen angel is not unusual and both Jesus and the fallen cherub angel are truly spiritual beings and neither is constrained by Time or physics; therefore, Messiah and the Evil One could have chosen any “high place” on Earth or the 2nd or 3rd Heaven to discuss alternatives to the coming battle involving death, Hell, the grave…why do you mock and disparage the power of God and His Holy Spirit?

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