Joe Biden and “Liberal Christianity” as per the NYT, a rebuttal…

There exists no such entity as “Liberal Christianity.” There is true Christianity that honors God the Father by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and the Christian faithful who walk in obedience to God’s will as His Law is written upon their heart and said Law is administered by the indwelling Holy Spirit through the process of sanctification.

Joe Biden is a servant of the Devil who advocates for the murder of babies in the womb and the celebration of sodomy in our Nation and agrees with secular humanists, atheists, nihilists, naturalists, that “mother earth” is to be our god and the deception of Darwin and sodomy, sexual perversion, be forced upon our posterity. Joe Biden does not represent Christianity or Catholicism; Joe Biden is a demon in flesh who serves the god of this World (2 Corinthians 4:4) in lies and death (John 8:44). Those who follow Joe Biden and this godless, humanist, administration are not practicing wisdom or discernment but are compromising with the Devil.

Article: NYT: Biden Most ‘Religiously Observant’ President ‘In Half A Century,’ Ushering In A ‘Liberal Christianity’

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