Atheists mocks the ascension of Messiah and the reality of a Heaven…

Atheist mocks the ascension of Messiah and the reality of a “Heaven.”

Christian response,

Where many fail in differentiating between the Realm of the Spiritual i.e. Eternity v. the Realm of Time i.e. the physical World constrained by physics, is the fact that these two-dimensions run parallel, much like railroad tracks, but seldom interface. One notable exception is the incarnation of Jesus Christ who is Spirit (John 4:24) having manifest in Time in flesh (Philippians 2:8). When Jesus exited this World, He simply transitioned “home” to the Eternal Realm.The Eternal Realm is everlasting; that is, it has no genesis and no finality just like our God has no genesis and He does not die (Psalm 90:2)…the Eternal Realm has always been and will be. Running parallel with the Eternal Realm is the Physical Realm which is created (Genesis 1:1; Hebrews 11:3), possesses a genesis and a finality (Genesis 8:22; 2 Peter 3:7-10).

When the human body dies, the spirit that is encapsulated by that decaying body of flesh is then free to simply transition into the Spiritual Realm which encompasses our very being, surrounds us, engulfs us, and the only thing preventing our interaction with same is this decaying flesh though we see shadows of the Eternal as looking through a glass darkly while constrained by Time (2 Corinthians 5:8; 1 Corinthians 13:12).

Heaven, the Realm of God’s presence, is not some distant ethereal plane in the “Heavens” above but the Spiritual Realm is all around us, consumes us and is one-exhalation from our personal reality as we experience freedom from carnal imprisonment. Every human being is created in the spiritual image of God possessing certain communicable attributes of God; one of those communicable attributes is our spirit, our true self, that does NOT die with the body of flesh (Genesis 1:26-28; 2 Corinthians 5:8).

Unfortunately and tragically, is the truism that Darwin’s deception is the most proficient progenitor of atheism known to mankind. Evolution and Atheism are kindred spirits that place/confine the mind of man into a box of naturalism and blind him from discerning the reality of life beyond the physical World. Darwin’s deception will lead “many” to death in Hell in their rejection of God’s Way to life in the Eternal Realm (Matthew 7:13-14); that is, faith in Jesus Christ as Lord for the mediation of our sin (John 8:24; John 14:6).

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