American & Israel and the necessity for obedience to God…

America’s sustainability and longevity mirrors that of ancient Israel…wholly dependent upon obedience to God (Deuteronomy 28)…we, America, have failed our God and like Israel, we will reap what we sow lest we repent…it may be too late. A Nation cannot murder 61-million babies in the womb with the approval of our highest court (Roe v. Wade 1973) and a Nation cannot celebrate sodomy in its streets and impose this destructive perversion on its posterity with the approval of our highest court (Obergefell v. Hodges 2015) and expect God to bless our shedding of innocent blood and the defilement of His Marriage Covenant with the intent of destroying the Biblical Family Unit.

God the Father founded America for His purposes in response to Israel’s failures via their rejection of Messiah and their rejection of the New Covenant intended to proselytize the World in the Gospel of Jesus Christ; unfortunately, America has whored itself to Satan and forgotten Her God much like Israel; therefore, demons AKA Democrat Communists AKA atheists-nihilists-Darwinist’-Marxist-Globalists-Satanists-Pedophiles are taking their spoils and our posterity will be their property.

America’s Church and America’s Bible Belt and America’s Patriots and America’s fathers have stood-by and watched as demons in Washington to the State House to the School House have abducted our children and morphed them into Communist “useful idiots”…we’ve no one to blame but ourselves. Do not be amazed at the horror transpiring before our eyes as this is a foretaste of God’s wrath through the enemy of our soul, Satan. Why did America think it was immune to moral, ethical, political, implosion and rot?

Humiliation. Barrenness, unfruitfulness. Mental and physical sickness. Family breakdown. Poverty. Defeat. Bondage (to sin and to oppression) Failure. God’s disfavor. Jesus became a curse that we might enter into the blessing

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