Why didn’t God kill Satan immediately after disobeying Him?

Question posited on FB: “Why didn’t God kill Satan immediately after disobeying Him?”

An attempt at brevity in response,God the Father did not destroy Satan for two-primary reasons,

1) Angels were created to never die as they are spirit beings (Matthew 22:30).

2) If God had destroyed Satan and the one-third of the angelic creation that followed Satan in the rebellion, God would run the risk of destroying volitional, intimate, fellowship with the remaining two-thirds of the angelic creation that remained loyal to Him.

Therefore, God the Father opted to commission the Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:35), to take elements from the unseen Spiritual Realm and fashion those elements into matter (Hebrews 11:3) that can be apprehended by life constrained by Time and physics (Genesis 1; John 1; Colossians 1; Hebrews 1). Jesus Christ, our Creator, then formed the Heavens and the Earth, our genome, with rapidity for cause in 6-literal 24-hour-days and ultimately Satan was placed upon this Earth (Luke 10:18) in Eden (Ezekiel 28:11-17), provided access to mankind, and a war between Satan and the Son, Jesus Christ, born from the seed of the woman (virgin) to circumvent Adam’s sin-nature, was declared in Genesis 3:15 and the battle strategy by which God would defeat Satan’s rebellion was pictured in Genesis 3:21 and fulfilled 4000-years later at Golgotha outside of Jerusalem with the words “It is finished” (John 19:30). It was essential that God the Father remove this rebellion of Satan from the Kingdom in order to deal with its destructiveness apart from the Kingdom where nothing impure is permitted to exist (Revelation 21:27).

As opposed to destroying Satan with arbitrary force, anger, destruction, God gave Himself as a selfless sacrifice (Matthew 26:28) to defeat Satan’s sin, death, Hell, the grave, by perfect LOVE for everyone who believes in Jesus as Lord (John 3:16); by this, God has maintained volitional love with His angelic creation while demonstrating to those faithful angels and mankind the horrors of sin and rebellion to God’s Laws and the need for love and compassion and obedience to God in all things, forever.

Hell was ultimately created specifically to house Satan and the fallen angels eternally subsequent to Judgment manifesting subsequent to the Millennial Reign of Messiah Jesus (Matthew 25:41). Though Hell was created for Satan and the fallen angels, unrepentant mankind will unfortunately enter Hell subsequent to Judgment for having rejected Jesus Christ as Lord and Mediator for their sin (Revelation 20:11-15); mankind’s unrepentant sin will NOT be permitted to enter the Kingdom (Revelation 21:27).

In conclusion,

Satan was ultimately conquered by God’s perfect LOVE (John 3:16) through the Gospel that was ordained “before the beginning of Time” (2 Timothy 1:9-10) as Jesus Christ entered Time “to destroy the works of the Devil” (1 John 3:8b).

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