Why is America struggling for Survival?

Why is America struggling for survival?

As a brief reminder to those possessing wisdom and discernment, those possessing eyes to see and ears to hear, concerning the destruction of America’s moral and ethical fabric by the demonic represented by the Communist-Democrat-Progressive Party of the United States – REMEMBER – the liars and deceivers that are the Progressive-Communists making a mockery out of America’s history, our Christian foundation, through the idiocy of the 1619-Project; Revisionist History glorifying Marx and Stalin; the mockery made of our God’s creation narrative through the idiocy of Darwin and evolutionary theory forced into the minds and hearts of our children in the classrooms across America; the lies of the Southern Strategy taught as truth; sodomites celebrating their illnesses in our streets and forcing their demonic gender confusion upon our most innocent resulting in confusion and unfathomable rates of child suicide, these and other demonic teachings having been methodically infused into the gray-matter of our children’s mind – Remember This – just as our Founder’s have so clearly articulated – unless Jesus Christ is King over the lives and in the hearts of the majority, America’s Constitutional Republic cannot be sustained. God is NOT mocked – America will reap what America has sown in apostasy and debauchery and defilement. The worldview, the motives, the ideology of Communist Democrats is NOT sustainable and will culminate in the death of America’s Constitutional Republic.

God has turned His back on America’s abortions, our sodomy, our destruction of the Biblical family unit – it is the family unit that is the bedrock of America’s sustainability; therefore, demons represented by atheists-nihilists-abortionists-sodomites-communists-progressives-Islam-China-Russia, are now taking control of our Federal-State-Local governments, our Executive-Legislative-Judicial Branches of Government and our children have been abducted by these fools and many of our children are lost and deceived by the demonic and they will never find truth or life in Jesus Christ as they are forever a child of the Enemy; therefore, I urge you to prepare for God’s wrath in our Nation whose foundations have been compromised by our own evil and prepare for loss and suffering on a scale that the United States has never known. May God not forget His faithful who love Him even in our iniquity and failures to stand against the evil that has consumed us. Is eschatology in-play in America’s collapse? I believe so…MARANATHA LORD!!!

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