Angry Homosexual Atheist mocks God’s words concerning sexual sin…a response…

Angry homosexual atheist mocks God’s words concerning the sin of homosexuality:“The Bible lays down the law as clear as a toilet bowl after a hard night out. In other words, do what you want then find some ambiguous passage in a book full of incredulous myths and twist it around to fit in with what you want to say.”

Christian response,

Homosexuality is sin and a most egregious sin against God’s Covenant of Marriage and against one’s own body (1 Corinthians 6:18). God created them male and female in The Beginning (Genesis 2:24-25; Mark 10:6-9) and this Covenant of Marriage as male and female becoming one-flesh in the sexual union was established for the protection and continuation of human kind through the Biblical family unit.

God did not authorize any form of variance in the sexual relationship and He has clearly defined any variance as an aberration, immorality, detestably worthy of death (Leviticus 18:22-23, 30, 20:13) – but – through the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Covenant of Grace established in Jesus’ blood (Matthew 26:28), God the Father has offered the homosexual forgiveness, healing and redemption and life in eternity IF said homosexual will repent (stop the offending conduct) and humble them self before Jesus Christ and believe in their heart and confess with their mouth Jesus as God and Mediator for their sin and receive the indwelling Holy Spirit as the Seal and Guarantor of that relationship for sanctification as the Father prepares them for service in the coming Kingdom (John 3:16-18; Ephesians 1:13-14; Romans 10:9-10). The Scriptures are irrefutably clear concerning the sin of homosexuality and the one who dies in the sin of homosexuality having rejected repentance and Jesus as Lord, they will be without excuse at the Judgment of the Condemned (Revelation 20:11-15).

God the Father is NOT going to permit mankind’s unrepentant sin to enter the Kingdom of God subsequent to the death of the body in Time (Revelation 21:27); therefore, mankind will deal with sin within the Age of Grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord – OR – mankind will deal with sin in Eternity at the Judgment of the Condemned and lose both body and soul in Hell (Matthew 10:28).

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