Should Christians be Political?

Should Christians be “political?” A Christian stated: “A reminder for Christians that we shouldn’t become political instead we need to be Biblical. Yes voting is important but not as more important than your gospel.”

Christian response to the Christian,I disagree in part…politics is the “in your face” sociological imperative that directs the future of a Nation. When Christians deny or refuse to involve themselves in that which directly affects the health of our Nation and the future of our posterity, they fail God and they fail in their duty to elect representatives that will put forward those policies that glorify God as opposed to glorifying Satan. Democrats in America are the representatives of Satan in Time i.e. infanticide, sodomy, communism, hatred for Christianity; therefore, for a Christian to deny their obligation to fight against this hoard of demons via the voting booth is cowardliness, unfaithfulness and tantamount to apostasy.

The Gospel is under attack by the Left, the Progressive Democrats, the Communists, the Islamist’, in this Nation and you’re remiss in your failure to recognize and internalize this truism. No one is making politics idolatry but we’re in a war for the survival of our Constitutional Republic and anyone with commonsense who knows Jesus as Lord knows that politics is not more relevant than the Scriptures but we have a duty to fight for our God and for the Scriptures and for our posterity and for our Nation’s sustainability and longevity.

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