Atheists: Satan’s tool, dangerous fool?

Considering the extant empirical evidence for the reality of our Creator confronting our senses 24/7/365 and then to interact with human beings that are willfully and obstinately blind to said evidence yet trust fully in crazy inferences and laughable suppositions espoused by men and women foolishly touting the impossible theory of evolution, abiogenesis, descent with modification; I ask you, is this not the most absurd and unreasonable and illogical worldview imaginable to the coherent and discerning mind? The Scriptures clearly define the atheist as a “fool,” a liar and “without excuse” (Romans 1:18-32) but how is it that so many men and women choose to live in wilful rejection of what they intuitively know to be truth?

Is the atheist’s rejection of God’s authority, dominion and sovereignty over our Creation in response to an obsession with aberrant lust and an addiction to their genitalia and same-sex perversity? I find it true that an overwhelming number of LGBTQ participants are atheists. Is it an attempt at appeasing a guilty conscience for having participated in a criminal conspiracy to murder a baby in the womb via abortion? Is aberrant lust freed by an ideology of moral relativism at the root of the facade of atheism? Finally, why does the lie of atheism thoroughly permeate the demonic ideologies of Infanticide, Darwinism, Communism, Socialism, Humanism, Secularism, Nihilism, LGBTQ, the Democrat Party of the United States? Does the lie of atheism permeate these demonic ideologies because they’re rooted in the same evil god, Satan (John 8:44)?

[BTW atheist, the atoning blood of Jesus Christ also covers the sin of LGBTQ and abortion if you’ll repent and ask Him for forgiveness and believe in Him as your Lord (John 3:16-18).]

What motivates men and women to surrender to Satan’s will for their life and deny the love and mercy and grace of our loving God in Jesus Christ as Lord? What motivates a man or woman to choose death in Hell when the path to life and peace with God in Eternity is only a breath away by confessing and believing in Jesus as Lord? If the atheist truly did not “believe,” why do they spend so much time and exert so much effort in arguing about God’s nonexistence? Inquiring minds want to know…

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