Grand-Pa, why did America die?

Though it’s not a mystery to the Christian, one possessing at least a modicum of moral and ethical discernment must look at the constituency and representatives of the Democrat-Communist-Progressive-Islamic Party of the United States and wonder – WHY – is this Party inundated with atheists; humanists; moral relativists; Darwinist’; secularists; those who advocate for the mutilation of babies in the womb and fight to maintain unconstitutional Roe/73; the unashamed presence of LGBTQ promoted and celebrated in our morally sick society; boisterous Communists-Islamist’ traitors to America serving in our Government; pedophiles serving in our Government; Marxist sympathizers supporting radical organizations like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Southern Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way i.e. Globalists-Marxists-Traitors; espousing the destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic; the de-funding of America’s law enforcement; the destruction of America’s suburbs with forced low-income housing; the ruination of America’s capitalistic economy through infusion of socialistic-communistic socioeconomic strategies; the Green New Deal that will bankrupt America; socialized medicine that will bankrupt America’s economy and destroy the quality of America’s medical institutions; open borders that will result in a raped economy, drug wars, drug deaths, disease and rob American low-wage earners of much needed employment; demands to repeal the 2nd-Amendment and leave the American citizen defenseless while de-funding law enforcement; restrictions on the First-Amendment – free speech that is, conservative speech; the division of American culture into tribalism-race-ethnicity-sexual orientation; the extinction of America’s White middle class; the hatred for God and Christianity and the Church; the destruction of the American family unit the bedrock of a sustainable American society…

I ask you, how can the presence of the Democrat-Communist Party in America be anything other than God’s wrath upon the American people as the presence of Satan and his demons are in our midst via the Democrat Party……. is this not undeniable to those with wisdom and discernment? 

Is the Democrat-Communist Party the resultant of America’s mutilation of 61-million babies in the womb subsequent to SCOTUS affirming unconstitutional Roe v. Wade (1973)?

Is the presence of the demonic Democrat Communist Party in America the final chapter in America’s status as a dominant economic and military power?

Is Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) confirmation that God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, have walked away from our Nation and left us to choke on the blood on the innocent children mutilated under our watch while unconscionable sexual immorality is celebrated in our streets while our youth murder themselves in transsexual confusion?

Is America dying in apostasy? As a Christian, I say YES…there is no doubt that the presence of the godless atheist in such numbers throughout our society is the tell-tale sign that God has had enough of our bloodshed and sexual immorality and apostasy and rejection of His Son, Jesus Christ!

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