Covenant of Law v. Covenant of Grace – The Eternal Saga Continues…

Covenant of Law v. Covenant of Grace – the eternal saga continues. Law Keeper on FB stated: “YHWH’s Love is Unconditional but His Covenant Promises R Conditioned upon us keeping His Covenant Commandments & Feast Statutes!”

Christian rebuttal to Rabbinical Jewish error,

First of all, God the Father’s love IS conditional upon faith in the Son, Jesus Christ-Yeshua, as Lord and Mediator for sin (John 3:18).

Second, the Covenant God made with Israel (Covenant of Law) was contingent upon obedience to the Law (Deuteronomy 28) but Israel did not keep that Covenant nor could they but God set forth a New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:33), a Covenant of Grace that is not based upon the works of the Law which no man could keep (Galatians 2:16) as all of mankind is under the condemnation of sin (Romans 3:23: Isaiah 53:6).

To initiate this New Covenant (Matthew 26:28), God the Father sent forth His dear Son, Jesus Christ, to clothe Himself in flesh (Philippians 2:8; John 1:14), enter the Realm of Time born of virgin woman (Genesis 3:15; Matthew 1:23) to circumvent Adam’s sin-nature, born under the Law that He might redeem those who were condemned to death in Hell by the Law (Galatians 4:4; Romans 3:20); therefore, the Law of Moses and the Sinai Commandments are no longer the “holy standard” by which one pursues righteousness with the Father as these Laws are completely absent lasting regenerative atonement for sin and the Law only condemns as it defines iniquity (Romans 3:20); therefore, God the Father sent the Son into the World as the Holy Standard for both righteousness and atonement for sin (John 3:16; Hebrews 10); therefore, anyone who trusts in-believes in-confesses the Son, Jesus Christ, as their God and Mediator for their sin (Romans 10:9-10), that person so believing and confessing will be forgiven of all sin, past-present-future (Hebrews 8:12) and receive the indwelling Holy Spirit as the Promise-Seal-Guarantor of relationship with God the Father, forever (Ephesians 1:13-14; John 10:28-30).

Those who seek righteousness and atonement by obedience to the Mosaic Law and the Sinai Commandments condemn them self to death in sin and death in Hell (Romans 9:30-33) because no man or woman (other than Messiah Jesus – Matthew 5:17) can keep the Law perfectly and to violate one jot or one tittle of the Law is to violate the whole Law (James 2:10; Romans 10:5); therefore, the Law cannot provide righteousness nor can the Law provide atonement for sin (Romans 3:20); atonement for sin is of an absolute necessity as God the Father has so decreed that NOTHING impure will ever enter His Kingdom (Revelation 21:27); therefore, those who trust in the Law for eternal life will die in Hell because the Law is absent atonement as the blood of animals could never take away sin (Hebrews 10).

In conclusion, unless Jesus Christ is your personal Lord and Mediator for your sin, you will NOT enter the Kingdom of God but you will die in your sin (John 8:24) and you will die the “second death” in Hell (Revelation 20:11-15) because God the Father has so decreed through the New Covenant that Jesus Christ-Yeshua is the ONLY Way to life in Eternity through the atonement for sin (John 14:6). If you trust in the Law of Moses to provide you a shield from God’s wrath concerning sin, you have stumbled over the Stumbling Stone who is Christ (Isaiah 28:16).

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