Why do Christians believe in Sola Scriptura?

Christian concerns articulated on FB: “Why do we believe in sola scriptura? If it wasn’t for the church, we wouldn’t have the Bible in the first place. Without the church, it could be interpreted in many different ways. And it wasn’t even til the 4th century that [we] have the Bible. Just to clarify, I still believe sola scriptura and I know there are many nuances but can you guys tell me why we believe it?”

Christian response,

Actually, we had the foundation for the Canon as early as the Muratorian Canon (170AD). The early Church possessed the autographs. Where people err is forgetting the power of God and His plan and His faithfulness. Why is it so difficult for those who say they love God and trust in Jesus as Lord for their salvation yet they forget that this very same God who created matter, Time, this Universe, our complex genome, in His omnipotence, is perfectly capable of providing us with and preserving His perfect “word” down through history to that we can know Him personally; love Him intimately; live with Him eternally?

The Bible we have before us is what God desires we know with the assistance of the indwelling Holy Spirit for those who believe. RELAX…God’s got this, trust Him!!! The World is going to Hell in unbelief but we who know and love Jesus Christ as our God, why do you doubt? The God of the Universe and Eternity has set His seal upon you…RELAX and enjoy life in the Spirit.

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