De-fund the Police? What is the true agenda of Progressive Democrats?

More information on the Progressive Democrat Socialist agenda of “defunding the police.”
The strategy of “defund the police” resonating throughout the United States is a ruse of the Democrat Party. This is a tactic of the Democrat Socialists to remove the local and State law enforcement agencies…a majority of which supports President Trump and replace them with WOKE, Politically Correct, servants of the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party.
Tonight, 08/June/2020, Tucker Carlson discussed this Democrat agenda and he made a good point. The liberal left hates the police because law enforcement is the one institution that the Progressive Democrats do NOT yet control. The military is owned by the Progressive Democrats who have captured the Pentagon through un-elected bureaucrats; the military belongs to the Democrats…NOW…the Democrats are seeking total control over the police as well.
It’s NOT truly a “defund the police” agenda as that’s only a ruse as their true objective is to “replace the police” with men and women and LGBTQ fashioned in the image of Progressive Socialism; a new police force that is easily controlled by the Democrat Party via shared ideological values; liberal, WOKE, morally-ethically deceived and compromised/atheists-LGBTQ men and women with police authority willing to infuse the Progressive Socialist agenda while denying your right to self-protection.
(Start at about 9:00 minutes on the video timer for a summation of Tucker’s analysis of “defunding the police.”)

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