False Teachers-Healers in the Name of Jesus Christ. A personal experience…

Many years ago, I was invited to attend a Benny Hinn “healing revival” at the Dallas Convention Center. As a Houston LEO, I would be a security usher in the isles keeping an eye-out for potential problems. I was blown-away by the demonic teaching and deception and theft from a packed house of hurting, crippled, elderly, people who were giving their precious dollars to this scam artist in the Name of Jesus Christ in hopes of receiving healing and relief from their suffering.

While performing “usher” duties and watching the scam show of casting-out sickness and the lame walking and Benny Hinn throwing spirit power into the audience and people falling onto the ground, some convulsing like rabid dogs…I wandered into a back room looking for a toilet when I observed numerous tables set-up and people counting money and checks…money stacked all over the tables…prayer requests intermingled among the money…these poor people were giving their poverty to Benny Hinn and his demons…I was devastated and that weekend is one I’ll never forget and it was an experience that changed my life forever concerning apologetics and the necessity of rightly dividing the Truth with wisdom and discernment.

jesus - false teachers photo

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