Five-Prevailing False Doctrines in pagan forms of Christianity.

Five-prevailing false doctrines in prominent Christian cults, sects, denominations, around the World as represented and defended in religious-atheistic forums on Facebook.

1) The Mass, the Sacraments, are not Biblical as taught and practiced in certain pagan cults identifying falsely as Christianity. The Mass, Sacraments, are presented as a continual cannibalistic sacrifice of Christ necessary for repetitive forgiveness of sin as one “works” their way into righteousness (a right standing) with God. This working for salvation continues subsequent to death of the body in Time as teachers and priests and bishops of paganism convince parishioners, students, that the myth of Purgatory is the internment of final decision concerning their eternal destiny. Parishioners live in unending turmoil never knowing if they are justified before God the Father; this, while Scripture assures the faithful that Christ died “once” for sin (1 Peter 3:18; Romans 6:10; Hebrews 7:27).

2) Paganism in Christianity teaches that pedobaptism – infant baptism (Babylonian paganism) is necessary as this pagan practice supposedly bestows righteousness upon the infant. This heresy is responsible for the deception of untold millions of sincere men and women who believe in vain that their baptism as an infant secured a relationship with God the Father; this, as they daily proceed along the broad path leading to the “second death” in Hell not understanding the necessity of grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Mediator for the atonement of sin.

3) Heresy in Christianity teaches that water baptism is necessary for the atonement of sin and righteousness with God. This false doctrine denies the teaching of Messiah Jesus and the Holy Spirit that grace through faith alone as sincere “belief-faith” is KEY to the atonement of sin and righteousness with God the Father. Baptism as essential for salvation is a works doctrine, it is not Biblical, it is legalism, it is wrong and denies the sole sufficiency of Jesus as Mediator for sin. Biblical Baptism is only relevant SUBSEQUENT to establishing relationship with God the Father through faith in Jesus Christ. Biblical Baptism is simply an outward – visible testimony to the World of what has already manifest in the heart of the faithful believer in Jesus Christ. Water cannot atone for sin; only the innocent blood of Jesus Christ atones for sin!

4) Paganism in Christianity teaches that one can lose their salvation. This is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit by calling Him a liar and suggests that Jesus Christ is a liar; the very same Jesus who has promised that anyone who sincerely enters into a Covenant relationship with God the Father by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and having received the indwelling Holy Spirit as Seal and Guarantor of relationship, that person is secure forever in the Spirit and Jesus Christ has so promised to keep them secure, forever (John 10:28-30).

5) Paganism in Christianity teaches that one must speak in a tongue, an ecstatic utterance, in order to validate the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit; essentially, this pagan teaching demands that if one does not speak in an ecstatic utterance – a tongue, they are not saved, they are not in a covenant relationship with God and they are therefore headed to a destiny of death in Hell. This is not Biblical, this is legalism, this is heresy, this is psychological abuse.

In conclusion…

These brief mentions of pagan abuse practiced under the banner of “Christianity” only scratch the surface of Scriptural abuse and heresy promulgated by false teachers and false religions. The before mentioned pagan practices masquerading as Christianity are all legalistic heresy; this is a pagan form of indulgence; this is abuse of the congregants; this is legalism; this is a money-maker for organized pagan religion while denying parishioners the love, security, joy, peace, assurance, that is promised the faithful by God the Father, God the Son, through the indwelling Holy Spirit who is the Seal and Guarantor of relationship with God the Father, forever, concerning anyone who has sincerely repented of sin and fully trusted-believed-confessed Jesus Christ as God who died to pay their sin-debt and believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead for their justification unto eternal life (John 10:28-30; Romans 10:28-30; Ephesians 1:13).

If you are involved in any “Church” that denies the sole sufficiency, the deity, the assurance, of Jesus Christ as Lord, don’t walk away…RUN AWAY and find peace and joy and love in Jesus Christ as Lord through the power and strength and sovereignty of the precious indwelling Holy Spirit. Don’t live in fear, don’t live in doubt, know what the Bible teaches…live in Truth and peace in Christ, forever!

jesus - false teachers for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine

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