Doctrine of Speaking in an Unknown Tongue?

Speaking in tongues was a Gift given to the early Church, to certain members, to proselytize the known World in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as certain faithful in Christ were endowed with the ability to understand and/or speak an intelligible language or dialect they had not studied.

The ecstatic utterance (unknown tongue) in the Corinthian Church was a pagan practice that entered the congregation from the pagan Temple of Delphi adjacent to Corinth in the 1st-Century. An intoxicated pagan priestess in the Temple would provide prophecy, oracles of enlightenment, to parishioners who often times left more confused than when they entered…the pagan priestess would provide oracles of unintelligible gibberish, babble…as she was intoxicated by the fumes of a burning substance beneath her throne. This practice carried-over into the Corinthian Church and created much confusion and is possibly the reason Paul mandated that women remain silent in the Church.

The actual Gift of Tongues given the early Church is no longer relevant today and the pagan practice of speaking in an ecstatic utterance has never been relevant to Christianity…it is demonically rooted, pagan oriented. Insisting that anyone speak in a tongue to validate their relationship with God the Father is legalism, it’s abuse.

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