Only the Holy Spirit explains Origin of Matter – Time – Human Kind

From the beginning of Time, considering all of the creation narratives known to mankind, no one has explained the creation of the Heavens and the Earth and human kind as has the God of the Scriptures – the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit articulates Who – What – Where – When – Why – How concerning the reason for creation; the origin of matter; the meaning of life constrained by Time and physics; the necessity of objective morality, logic, reason; the destiny of mankind in Time and Eternity while directly answering – articulating – explaining this narrative with logical consistency, empirical adequacy, experiential relevance.

No one but Elohim – Yeshua/Jesus Christ offers answers to life’s most intriguing questions and no one but Yeshua-Jesus offers life in Eternity subsequent to the death of the body in Time…no one!

Creation narratives…

1 The Four Creations – Hopi

2 Odin and Ymir – Norse

3 The Separation of Heaven and Earth – Maori

4 The Story of Corn and Medicine – Cherokee

5 The Origin of Japan and Her People – Japan

6 Death, and Life and Death – Kono

7 The Creation and the Emergence – Jicarilla Apache

8 Creation by and of the Self – India

9 Marduk Creates the World from the Spoils of Battle – Babylonia

10 The Golden Chain – Yoruba

11 The Menominee and Manabush – Menominee

12 The Naba Zid-Wendé – Mossi

13 Pan Gu and Nü Wa – China

14 Yahweh-Elohim – Hebrew

16 A Potawatomi Story – Potawatomi

17 Birth in the Dawn – Hawaii

18 Life from Moon and the Stars – Wakaranga

19 Two Brothers and their Grandmother – Seneca

20 The Moon and the Morning Star – Wichita

21 Gaia – Ancient Greece

God the Holy Spirit speaking of Yeshua-Jesus our Creator…

Jesus - all things hold together -full verse colossians 1 15

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