Why are children who are raised in Christian homes becoming atheists?

Question posited on FB: “Some people born from Christian family, they end up being Atheist, what went wrong, back and forth, why?”

Christian response…

Unbeknownst to most parents today…

An overwhelming number of today’s “atheists” – nihilist – progressive socialist-democrats find their deep deception in our high schools and universities of “higher learning” where they are inundated with the lies of Darwin’s idiocy (since 1963) secreted into the biological sciences while simultaneously influenced by Marx-Lenin-Stalin and historical revisionism in the humanities. In the history of mankind, there has never been a more successful and powerful progenitor of atheism than demonic Darwinian evolution forced upon America’s children by progressive socialists in the classroom in 1963.

Darwin’s idiocy is fused with the lies in the humanities to act as a catalyst and we’re graduating, in droves, mindless, brainwashed, useless, naive, atheistic-socialist-progressives who are so thoroughly brainwashed that an overwhelming majority will never find Truth or Faith…they will die in their sin and die in Hell as a radical socialistic-atheist and you cannot reach them with Truth…they’re gone and they will ultimately destroy America’s Constitutional Republic and our posterity will suffer horrifically in vile and loathsome socialism.

Why is America Dying? https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2020/04/08/why-is-america-dying-an-old-houston-cop-explains/

evolution - atheism and evolution best friends forever

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