Why is America Dying?

Why is America Dying?

America is methodically-incrementally dying from an untenable psychosis exacerbated by moral rot, spiritual ignorance and spiritual death. Over one-half of America’s adult populous today suffers from a psychosis, demonic deception, spiritual death, that will inevitably destroy America’s Constitutional Republic. Why and How?

Initiating and causative factors:

1) Methodical infusion of a Progressive-Socialist ideology beginning with John Dewey in 1900 that permeated a number of Presidential administrations, both Houses and America’s SCOTUS.

2) The removal, extrication, of Bible reading, prayer in public schools in SCOTUS decisions like Engel v. Vitale (1962).

3) The forced infusion of demonic Darwinism into public schools in 1963 which was the pivotal point for America’s fall into Atheistic-Naturalistic insanity and Socialistic death.

4) The passage of the Mental Health Act – 1963 that inadvertently closed State-run mental health facilities and ultimately relegated the mentally ill onto the streets of America’s largest municipalities. If not for the Mental Health Act of 1963, it is highly unlikely the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party would exist today in its current anti-American, atheistic, bloody-abortionist, sexually perverse, socialistic, format.

5) Publication, acceptance, advocacy, for the Communist Manifesto (1963) Karl Marx; D Ryazanoff; Friedrich Engels Publisher: New York: Russell & Russell, 1963.

6) The American Psychiatric Association’s removal of Homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in 1973. The beginning of the end for a moral-sustainable Constitutional republic and the essential foundation for that Republic i.e. the Biblical family unit.

7) SCOTUS’ affirming of unconstitutional Roe v. Wade (1973) resulting in the murder-mutilation of 61-million babies as of year-2020. Roe is the defining point in American history where God the Father began lifting His hand of blessing and sustenance from America (Deuteronomy 28).

8) SCOTUS’ affirming of Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) which spit in the face of God the Father and His Covenant of Marriage as the sustaining foundation for society i.e. the Biblical family unit. Obergefell is the confirmation that God has abandoned America and left this adulterous Nation to pursue self-destruction.

A brief discussion…

Over fifty-percent of America’s adult population today, 09-April-2020, suffers from an untenable mental psychosis and spiritual ignorance, spiritual death, that are the resultant of a combination of the devastating societal cancers enumerated within the before mentioned list defining America’s compromise with evil.

Consider this…

1) When a man or woman is mentally and morally unable to discern the reality around them i.e. the atheist and willfully rejects what they know to be truth e.g. Nature’s irrefutable design necessitating a Designer…

2) When a man or woman is unable to discern natural physiological sexual behavior i.e. the homosexual…

3) When a man or woman radically advocates for the mutilation of babies…

4) When a man or woman is living in a society of incredible sustenance yet radically demands to exist in a socioeconomic framework that has proven itself to be the progenitor of suffering and death having demonstrated its lethality via the death of 100-million people over the previous Century…

When these telling symptoms combine themselves into a segment of a population that proudly waves a banner of Leninism-Marxism while demanding the mutilation of babies and clamors to engage in and unashamedly-openly celebrates unconscionable sexual perversion i.e. the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party of America…this is indicative of a untenable psychosis, a sign of spiritual death, a people group that suffers from mental illness, a people who are spiritually dead, having morphed into a sociologically metastasizing malignancy that will inevitably destroy the mores, norms, values, essential for the sustainability of America’s Constitutional Republic.

There is no doubt that the Atheistic-Secularistic-Naturalistic-Nihilistic-Abortionist advocating-sexually perverse-Socialist/Communist members of the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party of the United States are an instrument of God’s wrath upon the American people for our complicit murder of 61-million babies in the womb and our advocacy for the sexual debauchery that is demonically defined by Obergefell v. Hodges (2015). The American people are watching the destruction of the United States and it is the Atheistic-Progressive-Socialist that is leading the way to our demise. How will Patriots explain this horror to our posterity?

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