Islamist denies the Jewish Holocaust…a Christian response…

Islamist denies the Jewish Holocaust: “To Jews: do you actually believe the ludicrous Holocaust story?”

Christian response to Islam…

How can any honest person deny what Allah-Satan and Hitler did to the Jews in the 1930’s-1940’s and how God the Father took that tragedy and reestablished the Nation of Israel (1948) via the “Never Again” movement as per Ezekiel’s regathering prophecy? Please under this truism concerning the cult of Islam and the god of death, Allah, who hijacked that Holy Name and blasphemed same for his own wicked agenda.

Allah is Satan manifest publicly in the 7th-Century through the pagan cult of Islam. Allah touts legitimacy through Islam’s relationship with Abraham via Abraham’s adulterous affair with Hagar producing the “wild donkey” of a man named Ishmael. Ishmael is the father of the Ishmaelites who are the progenitors of the Arabic tribes who are the progenitors of a murdering, thieving, pedophile, named Muhammad who is the initiator of the pagan cult called Islam.

Muhammad plagiarized the Jewish Torah to construct the Quran in hopes of convincing the Jews in Medina to follow the Way of Islam or The Book but the Jews rejected Muhammad and his new religion. Muhammad began to persecute, extort and abuse and enslave and murder Jews and Christians and via the Islamic Caliphate, over the next 1600 years, Islam-Allah butchered 270-million non-Muslims in the name of Allah until they were stopped in 1924 (John 8:44).

Allah-Satan found a way to garner praise and adoration denied him in the Kingdom by hijacking the cult of Islam where billions of men, women, children, praise the god of death and darkness, Allah. Allah-Satan conspired with Hitler to murder 6-million Jews and Allah-Satan via Islam/Iran will conspire with Russia and China and an Arabic-coalition and come against Jerusalem, Israel in the near future and a horrific nuclear war will ensue that will initiate the Millennial Reign of Messiah-Yeshua.

There is no life in Allah or Islam…these are death to mind, body and soul. It is ONLY through Isaac that Messiah entered into the World, not Ishmael. ONLY Isaac is the son of promise, NOT Ishmael.

Satan has hijacked the Holy Name, Allah, and uses it to mask his intent and death and deception through Islam…do not use the name Allah to represent our God, Yeshua, who suffered and died so that we can live!

Jesus - Ezekiel regathering
Jesus - ishmael
Jesus - Isaac son of promise only

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