Atheist Mocks Rev. Graham INRE to God’s Judgment via COVID-19

Atheist mocks Reverend Franklin Graham: “Evangelist Franklin Graham said on FOX News last night that COVID-19 was God’s way of punishing humanity for turning our collective backs on Him.”  “His god sounds like a monster.”

Response to the atheist…

I do believe that my God is incrementally pouring-out His wrath upon the American people. God’s anger began to fester with Engel v. Vitale (1962) then the forced infusion of Darwin’s idiocy into the American classroom in 1963, Progressive Socialists teaching our children the ways of demonism/naturalism morphing them into mindless atheists while blaspheming the work of Jesus Christ in Creation; then in 1973, with the moral debauchery of a decade of Darwin’s moral-less idiots in place, Roe v. Wade was affirmed and we have subsequently murdered 61-million babies in the womb-tortured/burned to death, mutilated, torn apart God’s children; then, the affirming of demonically-based Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) where the SCOTUS spit, once again, into the face of God and defecated on God’s Covenant of Marriage between one-man/one-woman becoming one-flesh for life.

God the Father has every right to destroy the United States of America and eschatology is also in-play as Allah-Satan/Islam, Russia, China, an Arab Coalition, will soon come against Jerusalem, Israel and the United States will be impotent and powerless to intercede on Israel’s behalf but Yeshua will save His people and the Jews and Israelite’s will, for the first time in 2000-years, recognize and acknowledge their Messiah, Jesus-Yeshua! MARANATHA Lord!!!

jesus - the lion from the tribe of judah has conquered

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