Atheist mocks Christian for COVID-19 response…

Atheist continues to ridicule Christians: “Shouldn’t you wear a mask when you go out in public? When I asked a Christian friend of mine that question two weeks ago, she quickly said “No.” She thought that the only way to get the coronavirus was to touch her eyes, nose, or mouth. She got that info from the news. I asked her if that were the case, why does practically everyone in Asia wear a mask? No answer. Yesterday, she told me that she was going to wear a mask because she had read a report that the CDC was advising everyone to do so. I reminded her that I had told her that two weeks ago. She made up her mind based on authority, not thinking about the problem herself. She let the authority do her thinking for her. Mistake! She never challenged the initial news report, and thus she left herself exposed to the virus when she could have been protected. What does that tell you?”

Response to the atheist…

Mark, did you also ask your atheist comrades if they were wearing a mask…why just the Christian…are you seeking to disparage Christianity and Christians simply because they believe differently than you? Why do you despise people of faith? Truly, the Christian does not possess such great faith as does the atheist. Consider this…

Christian faith is preliminarily based upon what we see and internalize with our senses…that Nature is irrefutably designed and therefore a Designer is necessitated. The atheist, on the other hand, observes nature and interprets nothingness…a cosmic accident void a genesis or explanation. It is my position that atheism requires incredible faith, faith that I simply cannot muster or realize.

Mark, please don’t disparage a man or woman’s character because they love Jesus Christ and sincerely believe He is God and Messiah. Stop for a moment and consider the incredible emptiness of your own faith and leave us alone, please? Christians seek to love their neighbor and do good in our World in obedience to Jesus Christ…why not let us seek this love in peace and you seek whatever it is that atheists seek and mind your own business? Please?

atheism - believe in big bang abiogenesis molecues to man but not God because they've never seen Him

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