Atheist is perplexed by Christianity…a response…

Atheist is perplexed by Christianity: “Why can’t religious people see beyond the delusion? It is because of authority. For Christians, the authority of the Bible–a book written by primitives thousands of years ago- and money grubbing pastors blinds them, degrades their critical thinking, offends their common sense, and, in extreme cases, makes good people do evil deeds.”

Response to the atheist…

Mark, the Scriptures are provided by God the Holy Spirit who inspired specific Holy men of old to pen on parchment what He placed in their heart to write. The Holy Spirit meticulously displays the mind of God the Father onto parchment spanning 1400-1600-yrs, 3-continents, 40-writers, 3-languages, to bring you God’s Covenant of Grace so that you can know Him intimately, trust Him fully, love Him and dwell with Him forever.

The Scriptures are God’s love letter to you explaining who, what, where, when, why and how concerning your origin; the meaning and purpose of/for your life in Time; the necessity of morality and law; your destiny in Time and Eternity. It is only by studying, with diligence, what the Holy Spirit has provided you in written form that you will find life and purpose and peace and meaning in both Time and Eternity.

You can rest assured that the very same God who created matter from elements only found in the Spiritual Realm and took that matter and formed this Universe, your genome…that same God is perfectly capable of providing you with the exact words He desires you have so that you can know Him and commune with Him forever. Please don’t reject Gods written word and don’t deny His Living Word, Jesus Christ. Please don’t die in your sin?

jesus - the word of God is sharper

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