Atheist is offended by Christian’s response to homosexuality…

Atheist is offended by Christianity and its stance against homosexuality: “I am doing objective research homosexuality is a natural phenomenon in nature all species have it. That’s the truth and if you research things instead of go on how you feel you will see that. Religion is all based on feelings…”

Christian response…

Homosexuality is NOT a natural phenomenon and all species seek dominance among their members, not homosexuality and mankind is NOT a beast of the field that he should defile himself/herself with immorality. We are created in the spiritual image of our Creator and homosexuality defiles God’s plan and purpose for His creation…homosexuality defiles the natural law, physiological law and its unique purpose and homosexuality defiles God’s Covenant of Marriage as established in The Beginning and reiterated in the Covenant of Grace.

The unrepentant homosexual/lesbian will NOT enter the Kingdom of God…but…if the homosexual/lesbian will humble them self and repent of their sin, turn to Jesus Christ as their God for the mediation of that sin, they will be forgiven and provided a new life in Christ by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ stands ready to forgive and forget but the homosexual must be willing to believe.

jesus - homosexuality know ye not that homosexuals

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