Why is Evolution still a thing?

Sincere inquiry by creationist: “The rules set forth by Darwin and his theory of evolution have all failed; so why is evolution a thing?”


Evolution remains “a thing” because evolution, infused into America’s public schools in 1963, has been the most effective tool, combined with historical revisionism and instruction in Leninism and Marxism, that the Progressive Socialist, beginning with John Dewey in 1900, has in their arsenal to morph America’s youth into mindless, godless, morally relativistic, nihilistic, brainwashed, atheistic socialists, secularists, communists. This is why the Millennial and Gen-Z generations are brainwashed puppets of the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party…the Party of Satan, the Party of baby murder and sexual perverts and historically ignorant socialists.

democrat - american students celebrating socialism

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