“Someone help: Why is Jesus God?”

Theological question: “Someone help. Why is Jesus God?”

Christian response…

Jesus is God manifest in flesh because the reasoning for our Creation is directly attributable to God’s response to Lucifer’s rebellion in the Kingdom before the creation of Time, the Universe, the human genome. The war-struggle (Genesis 3:14-15) that exists between God and Lucifer was removed from the Kingdom and placed within Time constrained by physics so that the destructiveness of sin would not destroy the Kingdom of God.

God the Father is currently demonstrating to the faithful angelic creation who did not follow Lucifer in his coup d’état that sin must be punished and dealt with according to justice with due process. God is doing this in order to maintain volitional love with His faithful angelic creation. In order to deal with Lucifer’s sin, God did not depend upon mankind but God Himself left Eternity, entered Time in flesh through the womb of a virgin thereby circumventing the sin-nature of Adam’s seed and God in Jesus Christ modeled perfection in morality, ethics, word and deed, then God, in Jesus Christ, suffered and died and shed His own innocent blood to provide atonement for sin and defeat the works of the Devil by defeating death, Hell and the grave.

Only God Himself could do this, no one else born of a sin-nature could keep The Law of God perfectly and thereby fulfill the righteousness of the Law which necessitated absolute sinless perfection! God extends His victory earned at the Crucifixion to His human creation by offering us victory over the Devil as well if we will trust in the Son, Jesus Christ, as our Lord for the mediation of sin and everlasting life in the Kingdom (John 3:16).

jesus - the son of god appeard to destroy the works of the devil

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