Atheist suggests I’m “very lonely” due to my love/adoration for Jesus Christ…a response…

Response to the Atheist who suggested that as a result of my love and adoration for Jesus Christ, I must be “very lonely.”

Not at all because God is faithful – always! I have the most beautiful, talented, lovely, thoughtful, caring, wonderful, faithful, Wife of 34-yrs by my side who loves me and cares for me…she is a true blessing from my God. I have two-beautiful children who are out contributing to our society in faithfulness and honor…I love them deeply. I have eight-dogs around me…seven are rescues and appreciative…I love them as well.

But infinitely more relevant, I possess the most BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL Entity known to mankind, the Holy Spirit and He is beyond kind, thoughtful, loving, caring, providing, teaching…It is Jesus Christ who has made life worth living and knowing God the Father and His Plan for life in Time and Eternity gives me assurance for today and for Eternity that all is well between my God and me…in this, there is peace and contentment that defy human words and I look forward to serving Him in His Kingdom forever.

Rick Holtsclaw

jesus - Romans 5-1 justified by faith we have peace with God

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